ONE on TNT IV Results: Kirill Grishenko Stops Reug Reug in Bizarre Finish

Kirill Grishenko and Reug Reug (Ourmar Kane), ONE on TNT IV
Kirill Grishenko and Reug Reug (Ourmar Kane), ONE on TNT IV Credit: ONE Championship

Just weeks after his last appearance, a steamrolling of short-notice replacement Patrick Schmid, “Reug “Reug” was back. At ONE on TNT IV, the monster heavyweight properly known as Oumar Kane was paired up against another undefeated prospect, Kirill Grishenko.

The feeling ahead of Kane vs. Grishenko was that the fight would not be going the distance. It didn’t, but it didn’t end how anyone had expected.

Early on, Kirill Grishenko surprised by backing Kane up, and fighting off an early takedown attempt. Kame stayed heavy on the taller fighter, eventually moving to an over/under position, but Grishenko began landing to the body with short punches. The ref warned Kane not to grab his opponent’s shorts off the break, and Grishenko began walking “Reug Reug” down. He’d land a low kick, then fire one upstairs that was blocked. Meanwhile, through the first five minutes, Kane had landed little to no offense. He’d land a late takedown, but essentially landed it as the bell sounded.

In the second, “Reug Reug” took a different approach, firing some big hooks on the way in. That allowed him to close the difference, but once again, Grishenko was able to fight off the takedown. Grishenko then slipped off a kick, but Kane couldn’t capitalize. A clinch along the fence led to a stalemate, taking things past the halfway mark in the fight. Kane managed to control when the pair tied up, but things took a sudden shift late.

Just as the bell sounded, Grishenko landed a throat punch. Kane seemed to protest what might have been considered a late blow, then dropped to his knees holding his throat. He did not get back up, and was unable to answer the bell for round three. Grishenko, in the end, was awarded the TKO victory. “Reug Reug,” meanwhile, was taken from the cage on a stretcher.

Official Result: Kirill Grishenko def. Oumar Kane by TKO, Round 2, 5:00


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