PFL 2: Curtis Millender Plans On Finishing Rory MacDonald


Curtis Millender makes his PFL debut this Thursday. He has had two stints in Bellator and fought in UFC, and now he fights in his third big promotion, the Professional Fighters League.

“Curtious” makes his debut against former Bellator welterweight champion and two-time UFC welterweight challenger Rory MacDonald in the PFL 2 main event. MacDonald was one of the biggest signings in the PFL off-season, and his name is becoming somewhat legendary in the sport of MMA.

Millender sees him as just another person he has to fight.

“You know, I look at everybody as uh, everybody is man,” Millender said during PFL media day earlier this week. “Everybody is a man that I fight, they got two arms, two legs, I just got to go out there and do what I’m confident in myself, in doing and it’s going to be just like I wanted to be. Go out there, be dominant and finish Rory.”

Although he sees MacDonald as just another fight, Millender has always wanted to fight him. With that in mind, Millender was asked what his reaction was when he was offered the fight.

“Dream fight, dream money, dream opportunity,” Millender said. “I’ve always wanted to fight Rory; I’ve always seen myself beating Rory for years. It was a surprise, of course, but I wasn’t shocked. I didn’t get nervous. This is what I wanted.”

Watch the full PFL 2 2021 media day interview with Curtin Millender above. The event takes place this Thursday, April 29, airing live on ESPN 2/ESPN+.


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