UFC 261 Results: Kamaru Usman Knocks Jorge Masvidal Out Cold

Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal, UFC 261 face-off
Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal, UFC 261 face-off Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Kamaru Usman put a stamp on UFC 261 with a perfect knockout in the second round, defending his title against Jorge Masvidal.

When it comes right down to it, Kamaru Usman hand picked his latest opponent. The champ called for the rematch with Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261, despite decisively defeating him in their first meeting at UFC 251.

He got the fight he’d asked for. But whether you bought into the narrative that Usman wanted to eliminate any doubts that might arise from the short-notice nature of that first fight, or if you opted to believe that Usman was looking to recreate a career-best payday, the end result was the same. “Gamebred” got another crack at the champ on Saturday, with a chance to rewrite history.

Masvidal feinted several times to start the fight then began firing leg kicks. Usman pumped out a couple of jabs, one going to the body. A crisp one-two caught Masvidal clean then he faked a takedown to keep his opponent guessing. The champion began firing right straights with no set-up, but was still landing. Masvidal leapt for a flying knee and Usman caught him and dumped him down immediately for his first takedown halfway through the round. Masvidal was active on his back, but Usman was in control, posturing up and landing a big elbow. Masvidal was able to work his way to the fence and stood up. A beautiful right straight and jab connected for Usman and Masvidal fired back with a combination and a flying knee a few seconds before the end of the round.

The leg kicks were coming in from Masvidal to start the second round. He whiffed on a right hand then ate a jab. Shortly after, a huge right hand crushed Masvidal and the challenger was out cold. Kamaru Usman got the stoppage he said he would get.

Kamaru Usman def. Jorge Masvidal by KO (Right Straight) in Round 2 (1:02)


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