Jake Paul Hit with Sexual Assault Allegation Ahead of Askren Boxing Match

Jake Paul
Jake Paul Credit: Triller

Youtube star turned celebrity boxer Jake Paul has been accused of sexual assault by a fellow social media celeb.

Just days out from his boxing match with former UFC, Bellator, and ONE Championship star Ben Askren, Paul has been accused of forcible sexual assault by TikTok/Youtube user Justine Paradise. The incident allegedly took place in 2019, with Paradise releasing a video on April 9 detailing her account of what transpired.

“I don’t want to ruin someone’s career for something that they did. I feel guilty, even though I was the one who was assaulted,” said Paradise in the video, who stated that she was embarrassed and feeling guilty, “even though it was not my fault.”

However, after initially considering redacting his name, Paradise opted to finger Paul as her assailant. She went on to state that Paul forced her to perform oral sex on him during a recording session in the summer of 2019, which took place at a home studio.

Paradise recalled that Paul, who has turned his Youtube stardom into a questionable boxing career, pulled her into a corner of the studio, “and started kissing me.” She would go on to admit that “I was fine with that. I did think he was cute.”

However, things took a turn when Paul led her by the hand to a bedroom, and became a little too forward. “Sex is very special and very important to me. Normally, everybody respects me when I don’t want to do sexual things, so I thought that it was fine if I went in his room,” Paradise continued. “I thought it would be fine to kiss him, because I thought he would stop if I didn’t want to do anything else.”

It was then that the alleged assault occurred. “He didn’t ask for consent or anything,” she stated. “That’s not okay. On no level at all is that okay.”

Paradise went on to say that in part, her delay in reporting the incident was because she had signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) prior to entering Paul’s home.

Paul, 24, is expected to box Ben Askren under the Triller Fight Club banner on April 17, 2021. Cageside Press has reached out to Triller for comment.