Shamil Musaev, Uros Jurisic Fined Following KSW 58 Brawl, Bonuses Given to Charity

Shamil Musaev and Uros Jurisic, KSW 58 weigh-in
Shamil Musaev and Uros Jurisic Credit: KSW

The fallout from the KSW 58 brawl between welterweights Shamil Musaev and Uros Jurisic, and members of their corner, has arrived.

On Wednesday, KSW officials announced via press release that the fighters would be fined 50% and 30% of their fight purse, respectively. In addition, all bonus money from the fight, along with the aforementioned fines, will be donated to charity. The bout between the two previously undefeated welterweights had been awarded Fight of the Night at the event this past Saturday.

Musaev presumably took the larger hit after sparking the brawl by landing a post-fight takedown on Jurisic, which led to punches being exchanged on the ground prior to members from both fighters’ camps piling on. It was a sour end to a highly anticipated bout, as both men are top prospects for the Polish MMA promotion.

In addition to the fines handed out, Musaev’s cornerman, fellow fighter Abus Magomedov, has been suspended from competition for six months, and suspended from cornering for twelve.

“Moreover, all the unauthorized persons, who entered the cage after the fight was over, are banned from taking part in the KSW events as members of fighters’ teams,” Wednesday’s press release went on to add. “KSW would like to emphasize that unsportsmanlike behaviour and violations of the federation’s rules by the fighters or members of their teams is completely unacceptable.”

No names of the other parties who entered the cage during the brawl at KSW 58 were provided.

Musaev, who improved to 15-0 with the win over Jurisic, will at least get to keep his unanimous decision win.

All funds from the aforementioned fines are being donated to fundraising campaigns to benefit two young girls, Laura Paczuła and Pola Omielanczuk. Both suffer from severe health issues. The latter is the daughter of KSW and UFC veteran Daniel Omielanczuk.