TTP Ep. 259 with Carlos Diego Ferreira, Mike Rodriguez and UFC Vegas 18

Carlos Diego Ferreira and Mike Rodriguez, UFC
Carlos Diego Ferreira and Mike Rodriguez Credit: Cageside Press

The Top Turtle Podcast is back, and this week, the focus is UFC Vegas 18, with a pair of key players from the event stopping by.

Carlos Diego Ferreira Interview (2:52)

Top 10 lightweight Carlos Diego Ferreira stops by to chat with Gumby about his upcoming rematch with Beneil Dariush. He dishes on what he thinks has changed in himself and in Dariush in the time since they last squared off – over half a decade ago. He hopes that this fight will be filled with blood and tells us precisely why. Plus, he goes in on those in front of him in the rankings. With a six-fight win streak under his belt, Ferreira thinks it’s time for some big match ups, but isn’t holding his breath because he feels they all don’t want to fight. A couple more wins out of this 155er and they may not have a choice. He hopes to take that first step to forcing their hands this weekend.

Fights, Dogs, and Parlays: UFC Vegas 18 (15:33)

With the ever changing cards of the UFC, you might need some help finding some diamonds in the rough. Gumby and Shockwave have precisely that for you. 2021 has been filled with underdogs coming out on top, with ten of the seventeen main card fights this year going to the little man. They’re ready for that trend to continue and they’re telling you which ones to hook your trailer too this Saturday.

Mike Rodriguez Interview (28:49)

Rebounding from a loss is never fun, but how about rebounding from a loss that you kind of won? Did I mention that everybody treats you like you won? Even your boss?

Mike Rodriguez breaks down the weirdness of returning to work after the craziness of the Ed Herman fight. Rodriguez is looking for consistency in his fight life, and he thinks he has found it in the last two fights – even if the referee/athletic commissions didn’t get it right.