FEN 31: Rutkowski vs. Zieliński 2 Preview

Marcin Wojcik
Marcin Wojcik Credit: Wojslaw Rysiewski/KSW

Poland continues to churn out the action, and Fight Exclusive Night is back with an exciting card. Unfinished business will be resolved at FEN 31: Rutkowski vs. Zieliński 2. The anticipated rematch follows the controversial conclusion to their first bout, where Daniel Rutkowski was able to nullify Adrien Zieliński with his wrestling skills. Proof of this came after Zieliński’s post fight interview where he stated, “He only won by pinning me against the cage panel.” Ultimately, Zieliński hopes to keep the fight standing, but Rutkowski is an opportunist, with a great sprawl and brawl style. On November 28, fans will get the chance to see these two run it back, with a little bad blood spilling over now.

FEN 31: Main Card Preview

The middleweight division will get the main card started with highly touted Croatian prospect, Ivan Čosić facing Marcin Naruszcka. Next the big boys go at it, with Łukasz Borowski taking on the streaking Paweł Trybała. Following the action, a high level bantamweight bout for the vacant title is on the line, as Sebastian Romanowski faces Jonas Magard. Then more gold is up for grabs when Adam Kowalski and Marcin Wójcik vie for supremacy in the light heavyweight division. Finally, the night will conclude with the grudge match between Rutkowski and Zieliński for featherweight gold. 

Marcin Naruszczka  vs.  Ivan Čosić

While the undefeated Čosić is highly touted, the Croatian fighter hasn’t stepped into the cage since October 2018. On the other hand, Naruszczka has been more active, recently picking up a win at FEN 29 in late August. The Polish Naruszcka has power in his hands, as he demonstrated with his first round KO over Marko Radaković. While both athletes are well rounded, Čosić is dangerous on the ground and unbeaten. Especially when he locks in guillotines or traps leglocks, he’s a problem when he gets hold of an opponent. 

Łukasz Borowski  vs.  Paweł Trybała

Trybała always brings an exciting fight, and is on a three fight win streak. Not only that, but all three wins have come in under two minutes. Consequently, Trybała is a very fast starter. If Borowski can weather the storm early, his resiliency is a viable path to victory. Easier said than done, since Borowski has struggled to remain in the win column. In fact, he has not won a bout since 2016. 

Sebastian Romanowski vs. Jonas Magard

The first of three belts are on the line, with a highly contentious match in which the wrestler Romanowski looks to best the well-rounded Magard. Set to push the pace, Magard brings a relentless style, with tons of experience in Poland’s regional scene. However, Romanowski’s wrestling has carried his career with wins since 2017. Since both men are on win streaks, and both bring explosive styles, the fight will make a statement to the rest of the bantamweight division. 

FEN 31 Co Main Event – Adam Kowalski  vs.  Marcin Wójcik

Wójcik is well known in the Polish regional mixed martial arts scene. Having competed for KSW, Cage Warriors and more, Wójcik has seen a lot different styles. Now competing for the vacant light heavyweight title at FEN 31, he will need to use every tool to dispatch of Kowalski. Even though Kowalski has gotten up there in age, he provides a dangerous test for any opponent. With the ability to pick up head kick knockouts in the first round, or submissions in later rounds, he’s a durable and unpredictable threat. 

FEN 31 Main Event – Daniel Rutkowski  vs.  Adrian Zielińsk

Fans have been clamoring for this match since bad blood boiled over from their first meeting. While it’s not the prettiest, Rutkowski’s wrestling acumen presents a legitimate problem for contenders in either the featherweight or lightweight division. Zieliński learned this the hard way after their first encounter. Now that the veteran, Zieliński has seen Rutkowski’s game plan, there is definite intrigue as to how this final FEN 31 championship fight will play out.

FEN 31 takes place Saturday, November 28 at 12PM ET.

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