KSW 73 Weigh-In Results

Arkadiusz Wrzosek and Tomasz Sarara ahead of KSW 73
Arkadiusz Wrzosek and Tomasz Sarara Credit: KSW

Poland’s KSW is back in Warsaw this week for KSW 73, featuring the debut of former GLORY kickboxer Arkadiusz Wrzosek.

The debuting Wrzosek has been paired up with another kickboxer, Tomasz Sarara, himself with just a single mixed martial arts contest to his name. That makes for a rather unique set of circumstances surrounding the KSW 73 main event: the two competitors combined for an overall record of 1-0 in MMA coming into the night.

In the co-main event, UFC alum Reginaldo Vieira (15-6) is set to face ex-KSW title challenger Daniel Rutkowski (13-3) in a featherweight scrap.

Weigh-ins for the event took place on Friday, with all fighters making weight for the card. Results can be found below. The event takes place live on Saturday, August 20, 2022 streaming via KSWTV.com.

KSW 73 Weigh-In Results

Main Event
Arkadiusz Wrzosek (110.1 kg/243 lb) vs. Tomasz Sarara (106.8kg/235 lb)

Co-Main Event
Daniel Rutkowski (66.2 kg/146 lb) vs. Reginaldo Vieira (66.3 kg/146 lb)

Radoslaw Paczuski (84.4 kg/186 lb) vs. Jason Radcliffe (84.2 kg/186 lb)

Karolina Owczarz (57.2 kg/126 lb) vs. Natalia Baczynska (57.2 kg/126 lb)

Catchweight 82kg/181lb
Ion Surdu (81.6 kg/180 lb) vs. Krystian Bielski (82 kg/181 lb)

Catchweight 97kg/214lb
Damian Piwowarczyk (96.9 kg/214 lb) vs. Bohdan Gnidko (96.4 kg/212 lb)

Catchweight 83kg/183lb
Borys Borkowski (82.3kg/181 lb) vs. Dominik Humburger (82.7 kg/182 lb)

Patryk Likus (66.3 kg/146 lb) vs. Pascal Hintzen (66 kg/146 lb)

Milosz Melchert (61.7 kg/136 lb) vs. Carl McNally (61.7 kg/136 lb)