DWCS 2020 Week 3 Breakdown and Predictions

Victor Reyna
Victor Reyna (right) Credit: Keith Mills/Sherdog.com

We’re rolling right along in season four of Dana White’s Contender Series. This week, Josh Parisian is back on DWCS for another shot at the big time, while Cheyanne Buys gets her first opportunity to jump to the UFC. Also, watch out for Weitchpec, California’s Cosce brothers, Louis and Orion — a rare pair of fighting siblings both looking for their big break on Tuesday.

Kenny Cross finally gets a chance to compete as well, after his fight fell through in week one.

Let’s get right to it and break all five fights down.

Welterweight: Victor Reyna vs. Louis Cosce

Tale of the Tape

Victor Reyna
70″ Reach
Arlington, Texas
All Powers Fitness and Fighting
Lous Cosce
Arcata, California
Lost Boys Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai

Pros and Cons

Victor ReynaPros

  • Strong against the cage
  • Hits hard
  • Good wrestling
  • Good left cross
  • Always throws in volume


  • Poor TDD
  • Head stays on the centerline/Easily hit
  • Ineffective movement

Lous CoscePros

  • Fast starter
  • High pace
  • Heavy hands
  • Solid ground and pound


  • Questionable cardio

Who has the advantage?

Striking: Cosce
Speed: Cosce
Output/Volume: Cosce
Knockout Power: Cosce
Chin: Cosce
Kickboxing: Reyna
Footwork: Neither
Wrestling: Reyna
Grappling: Reyna
Submissions: Cosce
Cardio: Reyna


Cosce does have a lot of advantages on paper, that’s shown in all his bouts being one-round fights. The longest Cocse has been in the cage is 4:34 and Reyna has gone the distance five times. However Reyna has a big experience advantage and has fought far better competition. Reyna has ten more fights than Cosce and Reyna has fought opponents like Miguel Baeza, Daniel Rodriguez, and Kevin Holland whereas Cosce has only one win over a fighter with a winning record. Cosce is extremely dangerous but with the amount of pressure he puts on early it’s going to be hard for him to keep that pace up for long. Reyna can take a shot for sure, having been dropped a few times by Miguel Baeza and surviving. The pick Reyna because there is still a lot unknown about Cosce.