UFC 250: Amanda Nunes Not Sure What’s Next, Could Be Out Til 2021

History made. At UFC 250, Amanda Nunes became the first champion in the organization to actively defend two belts. Not just win two. Not win two, defend one. But to have defended both belts, while holding both belts.

After her dominant showing against Felicia Spencer on Saturday, it looks like she could defend both titles for some time. Against who, however, is anyone’s guess. Few challengers stand out at either 135 or 145lbs at the moment.

Dana White, speaking post-fight, wasn’t sure what was next for Nunes. Speaking to media members including Cageside Press at the post-fight press conference, Nunes herself didn’t have an answer.

“I don’t even know either,” she admitted. “Tonight is a beautiful night. I enjoyed what I did. I cannot name nobody, because there [is] nobody. This is my night. My moment. I feel like I should really enjoy it. That’s it. And be happy forever.”

“I made history tonight. Guys, nobody ever did that before. That is amazing! Incredible. I have to watch the fight again, and just enjoy it,” she added.

Perhaps it’s for the best. Nunes and partner Nina Ansaroff are expecting a daughter in September. Once Raegan Ann Nunes arrives, the fighting couple will likely have their hands full for a little while. With that in mind, Nunes doubts she’ll fight again this year.

“I think maybe off for sure [until the end of the year]. I have to do a couple things, and be ready for my baby,” she said Saturday.

That should give her plenty of time to bask in another big performance. But Nunes was sure to give plenty of credit to her coaching team. “I’m aggressive. I have to have somebody to bring me back. Sometimes I’m a lioness, I’m like ‘I’m okay, I’m going!’ And then my coach is like ‘hey mama! No, don’t do that,'” she explained. “They were amazing tonight. I don’t know if you guys heard them. They were incredible.”

The empty area allowed her to pick up on her corner much more easily. “It was cool. I heard my corner. That was amazing,” she said. “But of course we miss the fans.”