Nick Maximov on Submission Underground 13, and Whether the Diaz Brothers Will Fight Again

Nick Maximov
Nick Maximov Credit: Youtube

Nick Maximov (4-0) is an undefeated mixed martial artist training out of the Nick Diaz Academy in Stockton, California. With nothing but finishes in his pro career. The light heavyweight will compete for Submission Underground in a grappling bout this Sunday when he faces Black belt Joe Baize in Portland, Oregon.

Maximov is coming off a round one rear-naked choke victory in early January of this year, and is excited to compete again this weekend. Even if it isn’t an actual MMA bout.

“I don’t even know the location yet but I was told there is only gonna be four people in the arena. There is gonna be a Referee, Doctor, and the two competitors. I don’t even know where it is,” he admitted. “It’s just cool the show is still doing it in my opinion cause it gives people something to watch.”

Nick is facing an older fighter in Baize, who happens to be a black belt with plenty of experience. This doesn’t do anything to effect the confidence of the longtime wrestler and BJJ practitioner. “He has a specialty in leg locks but he’s a black belt so he’s good at everything. It will be a good match. I know he’s a little older so it will be like the young kid against the more experienced guy and I think that’s what is intriguing about it.”

Maximov discussed the elite level training he has been getting with the Diaz brothers at the Nick Diaz academy in Stockton and how it has helped his confidence. “Whenever I am down, I am pretty hard on myself, I just think of people like that or teammates being uplifting cause sometimes if you can’t find it in yourself, other people can see it in you and when they can do that it brings me up.” We discussed if Nick will fight again and what the plans are for Nate’s return to the octagon. “I don’t know if I’d put my money on Nick fighting again right now. I know Nate wants to fight soon but I don’t know about Nick. He’s just enjoying life and I don’t think I would put my money on Nick returning right now.”

When discussing Nick’s future and what he hopes to accomplish in MMA, the standout was very adamant about his ability to be on par with the fighters at middleweight and light heavyweight in the UFC. “These guys aren’t good, in my opinion I could beat all of those guys. I train with world class boxers, kick boxers, world champion bjj guys, division 1 wrestlers and when I look at these guys in the upper weight classes in the UFC, they just look sloppy to me.”

Nick hopes to sign a deal with the UFC before the end of 2020, but he is not opposed to fighting overseas in the near future. “I’d do that next week, everyone is waiting for these big shows and it’s like, why not go fight somewhere else if you can? Why not go to Taiwan, Japan or Singapore?” In the meantime Maximov is just craving a fight. “If it’s Bellator, I’d like to fight Dillon Danis, it would be a good fight but he’s way more one dimensional than me and I can compete with any of those guys for sure, no doubt.”

Watch our full interview with Nick Maximov below!