After Being Robbed of Bonuses, Andre Ewell Feels UFC is in Debt to Him

Andre Ewell UFC
Andre Ewell Credit: Youtube/UFC

UFC Bantamweight Andre Ewell is coming off a split decision victory over Jonathan Martinez at UFC 247. A fight where he broke his arm in the first round and still managed to win a decision. We caught up with Andre to discuss his most recent victory and how he is healing up from the surgery he had, which will keep him out of action until at least August.

Ewell (16-6) discussed the difficulties of his most recent win after breaking his arm in the first round. “The heart overcomes the difficulty part of the injury. For fourteen minutes and some change of that fight, it opened up that door and let me share with the fans that I did everything for the people. I am a crowd-pleaser and I want to be the peoples champ.” Although he was happy with the win, Andre was a little bothered by the way things shook out. “If (my arm) wasn’t broken I would have finished the fight, I don’t think it would have got past the second round.”

Despite the injury, Andre is still smiling and pushing forward with a positive attitude. Ewell explained that his surgery went well, and he’s excited go get back to 100% and get back to doing what he loves most. What is on his mind currently, however, is the birth of his son which should happen in the next couple of weeks. Andre is also a little concerned he may not be able to be there for the actual birth because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

“It is frustrating because I am a person who wants to be involved in everything that ends up happening, especially when it comes to my son being born,” he said. “But there are precautions saying I can’t come in, so I have to either wait outside or wait at home, and right now the only thing I’m worried about is that if she is having the child I want to be there.” This did not sit too well with the UFC bantamweight as he went on to explain, “right now they are having this 3K fine and I told them I’m about to have that fine and be in there, wanting to fight everyone and cussing out everyone if I don’t get to see my son born.”

Andre also chatted about when he wants to be back and who he wants. “I’m aiming to be back in the octagon by mid August or September so can I go ahead and throw down with somebody.” As far as who — “It’s anybody but people already know who I want and that is Chito [Marlon] Vera, that’s the rematch that I’d love to run back.”

Ewell also felt shorted by the UFC for not awarding him with three Fight of the Night bonuses, saying “People love me and are going to continue to love me because at the end of the day I go in there and put on a show. The UFC owes me three bonuses, they are in debt to me for 150K so send me that 150k cause I got robbed for Fight of the Night and Performance of the Night.”


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