Phoenix Series 3: Max Holloway Continues Support For Open Scoring

Max Holloway UFC 245
Max Holloway Credit: Rodney James Edgar/Cageside Press

Invicta FC debuted open scoring last week at Phoenix Series 3, and the event had a vocal supporter of the practice on hand: former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway.

In Kansas last weekend, Invicta Phoenix Series 3 debuted open scoring, using the transparent judging system on a handful of bouts. Following the debacle at UFC 247 in Houston, where multiple bouts were arguably ruined by atrocious scoring, Shannon Knapp and Invicta FC approached the Kansas commission to experiment with new judging rules. The commission gave the green light, and the new open scoring judging system was a go. Following each round, the fighter’s corners were notified of the previous round’s result at Phoenix Series 3.

The new scoring system had many supporters following its initial announcement, but there was no bigger supporter than Max Holloway. The Hawaiian has been on the wrong side of a couple of close decisions in his career. Holloway went on record on Twitter after UFC 247 asking what harm there would be in showing fighter’s scores between rounds, saying: “Is our sport the only major sport where you don’t see the score until [the] game is over? What would [the] harm be in judges showing their scores after each round? Honest question, not a diss.”

Holloway was one of the first to suggest that fighters see scores following the rounds, and he was on hand for Invicta Phoenix Series 3 to see the new system in play. Holloway was a big fan of how the fights went, and after seeing it in action, seemed to once again voice his support for open scoring. On the Invicta Phoenix Series 3 live broadcast, Holloway made an appearance and reiterated his approval for the new system saying: “Like I said, football, hockey, soccer, everybody knows what the score is. Why can’t us fighters know? I want to know, and I want to put it all in for you guys.”

When asked if Holloway could even push harder in those later rounds given that he’s one of the best late-round fighters in the sport, he said: “Yes, oh yes. You’re gonna find out, you might not think it’s possible but you gonna find something in you, and that’s when you see the real fighters start shining.”

As for Holloway, he likely won’t be fighting under open scoring anytime soon. However, he is expected to find himself in a rematch with Alexander Volkanovski this June in Perth at UFC 251. Holloway notably lost the belt in a close fight to Volkanovski back in December, and is looking to regain the title he had held since December of 2016. Prior to the Volkanovski loss, Holloway was on a 14-fight win streak at featherweight, defeating the likes of Jose Aldo, Frankie Edgar, Anthony Pettis, and Brian Ortega during his championship reign.


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