10 Featherweight Prospects the UFC Should Sign in 2020


Igeu “Smiley” Kabesa

26 | 5’9″ | Johannesburg, South Africa | 12-1 | 7 Finishes | 5 KO/TKOs, 2 Submissions (Armbar, Guillotine) | Combined Opponents’ Record: 75-36 | Best Win – Danny Henry (7-1)

Igeu Kabesa’s only loss is to UFC fighter Danny Henry, which was a rematch of their first meeting, which Kabesa won. Of the two, Kabesa has a much higher ceiling. “Smiley” is one of the two best prospects out of South Africa along with Demarte Pena. He is the current EFC Worldwide featherweight champion and on a four-fight win streak.

Kabesa is a very decorated wrestler being a 10-time Wrestling Nationals Champion. He is young and solid everywhere. Kabesa has amazing wrestling and grappling, he can move well on the mat and can reach mount fairly easy. His striking is good too, moving in-and-out with explosive punches quickly and his slips and counters are solid. South Africa gets a bad rep from the fans since countrymen that have signed to the UFC have not done so well, but Kabesa is on another level.


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