UFC 246’s Aleksa Camur: I’m Better than What I Showed Out There


Las Vegas, NV — Welcome to the UFC, Aleksa Camur.

Camur, a winner on Dana White’s Contender Series last summer, made his octagon debut Saturday at UFC 246. With just five professional contests to his name heading into the night, Camur was very much a rookie. He came out of the bout with fifteen minutes of much-needed cage time, something that should help him develop moving forward.

The end result of Camur vs. Justin Ledet was a unanimous decision win in the prospect’s favor. Post-fight, he told Cageside Press and other media outlets that “I think I’m better than what I showed out there.”

While a win is a win, the fight wasn’t exactly a barn-burner. Of course, they can’t all be. “I think it was a little back-and-forth, I hope it was exciting for everybody to watch,” Camur said. “But I still didn’t show my full potential in the cage. Just keep an eye out, because I’m going to get comfortable, and you’re going to see something amazing.”

Regardless, the feeling of winning his debut was “amazing,” and had “a lot of hard work put into it,” the light heavyweight said. “I know my camp, it was long, I worked hard in my camp, I deserve this. I knew I deserved it going into it. It feels amazing.”

This being Camur’s octagon debut, the fabled octagon jitters were in play. “I was nervous going into it. I did a good job though I think, I calmed myself down a bit,” Camur recalled. “I got in and I got to do some different stuff, so I was excited about it. But I got some jitters for sure.”

“I knew I did enough to win,” Camur answered when asked about waiting for the decision. But he did recognize that his opponent, with as many UFC bouts as Camur himself has fights, was dangerous.

“I knew Justin was tough. He’s a tough dude. It was a great fight. Sharing the cage with someone like that, it’s an honor,” he said. “I knew it was going to be a tough fight, I wish I could have given the people something to look at. A nice finish would have been nice. I was ready for a three-round war. He ate all my punches. I know I landed a few too. Tough guy, man. Nothing but respect for him.”

“I never counted him out because I know he fought two amazing fighters. So I knew he was going to be tough, I knew he was game,” Camur continued. “Some people counted him out, I didn’t look past him. I knew he was going to be a tough dude because of the people he fought.” Since moving to light heavyweight, Ledet had gone up against Aleksander Rakic and Johnny Walker, both highly touted 205lb’ers.

“To get a victory over someone like that, I’m very proud of myself,” Camur finished. With the win, Aleksa Camur improved to 6-0 as a pro.

Watch the full UFC 246 post-fight press scrum with Aleksa Camur above!


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