UFC Nashville’s Aleksa Camur Talks Elbow Injury, Bonus Hunting

Aleksa Camur UFC 246
Aleksa Camur, UFC 246 post-fight Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

It’s been a minute since Aleksa Camur made the long walk to the UFC octagon. We last saw him in June of 2021 in a controversal split decision loss to Nicolae Negumereanu and after that he sort of disappeared. Although there were some things he wanted to work on after the fight, the layoff was due to anther reason.

The long toll of being a fighter eventually wore down Camur’s body to the point where he had to take an extended break.

“Any fighter knows that we’re not in an offseason sport. We train 365 days a year – it’s hard to find time to properly recover if you are really injured. When you do find that time, it’s probably because it’s gotten too serious,” Camur said. “That’s just what happen to me. Just over time training, with the way we train and how hard we train, I guess my nerve [in my elbow] had enough.”

That nerve in his elbow had been being worn away over years of hard training. Eventually it got to the point where he couldn’t keep working through it.

“Mainly [it’s] been the elbow. It was pretty serious,” he said. “The main part that I kind of noticed was that I had atrophy in my hand, which is deterioration of your muscle in that area. The nerve endings got kind of cut off – it wasn’t able to send signals to my hand properly.”

Unfortunately for Camur, it was not a quick fix for the damage. He first had to have it evaluated and it took a while to determine what the fix was. After seeing the necessary specialists and getting the work done, the rehabbing process was also not a short one.

Now back to feeling 100%, Camur is looking to get his career back on track. He goes into UFC Nashville looking for his first win since January of 2020. However, that’s not all he’s looking for.

“I’m planning on getting my hand raised by whatever means necessary,” Camur shared. “I am getting married next year, so I do want a $50,000 bonus to help out with that wedding, so if I do have any power, if it comes along, I can get a finish of some sort or fight of the night – that would be great as well.”

He’ll be looking for that big bonus as part of the main card this upcoming Saturday. He’ll face Tanner Boser on the ESPN main card, which starts at 9pm EST.

You can hear the entire audio of this interview at 34:00.