UFC Sao Paulo Results: Francisco Trinaldo Shows He Still Has Gas in the Tank Against Bobby Green

Francisco Trinaldo
Credit: Josh Schaefer/Sherdog.com

Proving age is just a number, 41-year-old Francisco Trinaldo showed he has ample gas left in the tank, as he won a unanimous decision over Bobby Green at UFC Sao Paulo.

At 41-years-old, Francisco Trinaldo was more than just a little long in the tooth for the UFC’s lightweight division. The Brazilian was back in action at UFC Sao Paulo on Saturday, however, taking on Bobby Green. Both fighters entered the bout off single losses, and were looking to prevent a losing streak.

The pair traded early, Trinaldo holding center. Green had the speed advantage over his older opponent. He also had a dangerous left hand. But early on, Trinaldo latched on with a guillotine, pulling guard in the process. It was tight, but Green was able to pull free, working from top and getting into half guard. Green was active on top, looking to soften his opponent up, but Trinaldo nearly escaped. Showing some solid fight IQ, Green was able to muscle him back down, working in a well-placed knee to the body in the process. Trinaldo wound up on his back, while Green nearly locked in a kimura. Trinaldo then scooped Green up for a slam, but Green managed to stay on top.

The second round saw the pair exchanging, Green using his left cross and front kicks. Trinaldo returned fire, but Green appeared the fresher fighter. Trinaldo, however, did a good job mixing up his kicks, high and low. His best-executed strikes, however, were more often than not hitting air. Late in the round, Green was able to make Trinaldo chase him, and the Brazilian was still missing more often than not. Trinaldo’s leg kicks were still an issue for Green, however.

Round three had Franciso Trinaldo connecting early with a couple of heavy shots, solving some of the issues he’d encountered in round two. Green was firing back, landing his jab and staying on the outside. At the midway mark of the round he’d catch a kick, dumping  Trinaldo on his back. Trinaldo would power up, but Green had a chance at a choke. Instead he switched attacks and dropped down for a takedown. Trinaldo went looking for a guillotine on the way up, adding in some knees to the head while controlling the neck. With Trinaldo pressing forward, Green wound up somersaulting backwards, but managed to get to his feet before Trinaldo could take advantage. They’d trade to the end of the round, in what was frankly a very close fight.

Official Result: Francisco Trinaldo def. Bobby Green by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)