UFC 300: Bobby Green Says Paddy Pimblett Shouldn’t Have Called His Name, Doesn’t Watch Him

Las Vegas, NV — Bobby Green was preparing for a fight with Jalin Turner, then found himself switched to Jim Miller for UFC 300.

It didn’t give the popular lightweight any pause.

“I take them as they come, I jump on every opportunity. Sometimes you fall short, but as long as the sh*t is exciting,” Green (32-15-1, 1NC) said following a decision win in which he bloodied Miller, the UFC‘s “Iron Man” and leader for most fights.

Given Miller’s legendary durability, “King” Green was not shocked in the least that he couldn’t put the bout to rest early.

“Go down, f*cker. No. Sh*t. To be honest, I wasn’t surprised, I expected him. I was just like, see how much he can take,” exclaimed Green. “I wasn’t planning on stopping no time soon. I told him that when we got in the second round. It was like, ‘we just warming up. If you think you got hit in the first round, wait til we get to the third.’ And that was just the second. I’m like, ‘watch this.’ In the third round, it got worse.”

Following the win over Miller, Green called out British star Paddy Pimblett. That’s simply returning the favor, after “Paddy the Baddy” called Green himself out. Which Green suggested was a mistake.

Asked about his callout of Paddy, Green responded “Because he called me. He shouldn’t have said my name. He should have kept it to those other guys. This guy right here will find you. And when I line it up, when I get the sights right, you’re gonna pay dearly.”

Despite the brewing storm between them Bobby Green admitted he doesn’t know Pimblett all that well. Mostly, he knows his mannerisms. “I don’t watch his fights, so I really don’t watch the guy.” The closest they have come was being seated near one another in the crowd. “We never met. He was being a little vagina, he didn’t want to look at me or give me attention. So I’m going to get your attention sooner or later.”

With Pimblett, Green would be playing spoiler, again the villain as he was against Miller. The feeling playing that role, stated Green, “It’s a bit of jealousy. I wasn’t even on the promo [UFC 300]. I’m like ‘oh okay.”

Pretty much everybody’s a Jim Miller fan, as Green pointed out. So he works to win those fans over. “I show nothing but love, and love is strongest thing that you can give somebody. Sooner or later, I’ll make them my fans.”

Watch the full UFC 300 post-fight press conference with Bobby Green above.