UFC 300: Bobby Green Dismantles Jim Miller In Bloody Thriller

Bobby Green and Jim Miller, UFC 300
Bobby Green and Jim Miller, UFC 300 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Ahead of Saturday’s historic UFC 300 card, there was one name fight fans wanted to see included above all else: not Jon Jones or Conor McGregor, but Jim Miller.

Miller is the UFC‘s iron man, and everyman. A professional, soft-spoken, likeable character in a sport where being over the top and outrageous are more often than not the keys to success. Miller never went that route, instead simply keeping a steady, workmanlike pace that has taken him into possession of the promotion’s wins and fighters record, milestones he continues to extend with no sign of retirement in the near future.

Having competed at UFC 100 and UFC 200, Miller was the obvious choice for diehards when it came to Saturday’s tricentennial. Bobby Green, another fan fave who has achieved stardom in his own right in recent years, may just have been the perfect pick – there pair had been booked opposite one another three times before, only for those bouts to fall through.

The fight would begin with the two men meeting in the center, Bobby keeping his hands low as is signature, throwing teeps. Miller caught a teep and returned a counter up-top, momentarily dropping his opponent. The crowd exploded, but Green was able to retrieve his leg, regain his feet and recompose himself. Midway through the round and Green was landing consistently with his 1-2 combination as Miller inched into striking range. Bobby was feinting and entertaining the crowd, continuing to talk trash and throw leg kicks. With 30 seconds left, Jim was finally able to clip Bobby behind the ear stunning “King” and momentarily initiating a retreat. It was nonstop action till the bell as Miller walked down Green, who did an excellent job of evading some strikes and returning fire.

The second round began with Miller again throwing a flashy kick that was off the mark. Green looked just a beat ahead of Miller, slipping under punches and delivering counters. At the halfway point, Miller was bleeding now, from the nose and under his eye, and Green was peppering him with the lead hand repeatedly. Miller was starting to bite on the feints and Bobby stung him with a punch as Miller started to back off just slightly. With about a minute left in the round, the momentum had shifted a little, as Green was beginning to walk down his opponent and tag him with more and more strikes. With 20 seconds left in the round, Green threw a straight punch that staggered Miller a little bit and he continued to land till the bell.

The final round began with Bobby again coming out and landing the 1-2 combination. A minute into the round another solid jab cross landed for Bobby. Green was starting to tee off on Miller, virtually landing at will with the only temporary resistance actually landing, that being the occasional leg kicks out of “A-10”. Midway through the round, Jim was found stumbling into the fence eating combinations from Green. Jim was able to land a solid left hook to Bobby’s temple, initiating an entry into the clinch, but ultimately could not capitalize on the position.  With 45 seconds left in the fight Green landed flush on a combination, hurting Jim badly. Miller crumbled onto the canvas with Bobby swarming him with strikes. Somehow Miller, a mask of blood, utilized the cage and worked his way back up, only to be viciously mat returned by Bobby who rained down strikes till the final horn sounded.

Jim Miller made history Saturday, but it was Bobby who came away with the win and left a lasting impression.

Official Result: Bobby Green def. Jim Miller by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-25, 29-26)