UFC Sao Paulo Results: Ricardo Ramos Looks Sharp in Submission of Luiz Eduardo Garagorri

Ricardo Ramos
Ricardo Ramos (right) Credit: Keith Mills/Sherdog.com

Ricardo Ramos moved up to featherweight at UFC Sao Paulo, where he faced Luiz Eduardo Garagorri, but he didn’t miss a step.

Heading into UFC Sao Paulo on Saturday, the storyline in Ricardo Ramos vs. Luiz Eduardo Garagorri was that Ramos was moving up in weight. Sure, he’d fought at 145lbs before, but that was outside the UFC. In Sao Paulo, however, he proved that didn’t matter.

Ramos held center early against Garagorri, firing a high kick, then a spinning kick just as his opponent moved in. Despite Saturday being a move up in weight, Ramos looked well-sized for the featherweight division.

Garagorri would try a spinning attack of his own a bit later. Ramos would attempt a flying knee, and soon his creatively was shining through. Solid angles, leg kicks, combinations all looked sharp. Ramos would then tie Garagorri up and take him down with a trip. Garagorri would scoot back to the fence, wall-walking up. Back at center, Garagorri fired a kick to the body, which Ramos would answer. He’d then score another takedown off a slam, taking the back in one fluid motion. Getting his hooks in, he rode his opponent’s back as Garagorri stood up. Ramos got the choke in, Garagorri fell back, and was tapping as he hit the floor!

Official Result: Ricardo Ramos def. Luiz Eduardo Garagorri by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 3:57