UFC Moscow Results: Ed Herman Knees His Way to Victory Against Khadis Ibragimov

Ed Herman, UFC
Ed Herman Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Ed Herman battered Khadis Ibragimov with knee after knee en route to a one-sided unanimous decision win at UFC Moscow.

Longtime UFC veteran Ed Herman made the trip to Russia for UFC Moscow, where he was set to face off with Khadis Ibragimov. Herman was coming off a win over Patrick Cummins back in May at UFC Rochester. In Moscow, he was looking to make it two in a row against Ibragimov, who had lost his promotional debut in his last outing.

Herman had a severe edge in the experience department at UFC Moscow Saturday, but Ibragimov would no doubt be motivated to pick up his first UFC win at home. Ibragimov was showing some serious power early, throwing wild overhands before closing the distance and changing levels. Herman fought off the takedown, and the pair exchanged knees. Herman continued to land knees and elbows with Ibragimov pressing him up against the cage. Soon enough Ibragimov had a bloodied nose, the takedown was nowhere to be found, and Herman was slowly running away with the round. With a minute and a half remaining Ibragimov finally gave up on the attempt. Herman landed a solid leg kick, adding a second moments later. Ibragimov landed a heavy punch on Herman, but Herman shrugged it off and answered back. They’d finish the round trading.

Ibragimov was swinging hard again to start the second, and went to the body with a right hand. Herman pressed the action, however, walking forward and backing his opponent up against the fence. Ibragimov broke free, swinging and missing off the break. He then blitzed his way in on Herman, throwing wildly. Herman covered up, weathered the storm then tapped his chin in response. A moment later, Ibragimov would tag him again. Herman ate a couple of lefts, but continued to walk Ibragimov down, once again pressing him into the fence landing knees. Herman was able to trap Ibragimov’s neck briefly, wrenching the Russian’s head down to land even more knees. Back in the open Herman landed a big right hand, but ate one in return. Herman, however, would finish the round connecting with an elbow after another barrage of strikes.

The third round started in similar fashion. Ibragimov however was showing signs of exhaustion. When Herman again trapped his neck along the cage, more and more knees followed. Ibragimov was being tenderized, bleeding from multiple cuts. He landed a desperation single-leg takedown in the final ninety seconds of the round. With no energy to find a finish, Ibragimov could do little as Herman escaped back to his feet, finishing the fight with one final knee.

Official Result: Ed Herman def. Khadis Ibragimov by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)