UFC 244 Results: Jorge Masvidal Wins Due to Cut on Nate Diaz

UFC 244 Jorge Masvidal Weigh-In 03
Jorge Masvidal Credit: Marcus Rebelo/Cageside Press

A dominant performance by Jorge Masvidal was lost in the madness following a controversial ending to the BMF title fight via cuts in the UFC 244 main event.

When all is said and done, UFC 244 will be best remembered for its main event. Regardless of who wins and how it plays out, the fight between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz will stand as one of the last non-title affairs to headline a UFC PPV event.

Of course, technically there is a title on the line, the “baddest motherf*cker” title. Complete with a belt, to be handed out by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. But you got the feeling, heading into UFC 244, that neither Nate Diaz nor Jorge Masvidal cared as much about the hardware as they did about proving themselves against one another.

Diaz and Masvidal are old school fighters in a changing sport, perhaps the last remnant of a time when fighting on the streets could translate into a career as a professional fighter. A hard way to get into the profession. On Saturday, someone would prove to be just a little harder than the other, at least for one night.

Jorge opened the fight by teasing the flying knee, Nate responded by throwing lots of volume, and then got the fight into the clinch. They separated, then Masvidal landed a brutal combination, followed by a head kick that dropped Diaz. Masvidal opened up Diaz up bad, and he was hurt badly. Nate was on his back throwing his legs up, and after some hesitation, Masvidal left him back to his feet. Masvidal threw a kick that was caught by Diaz, then got the fight into the clinch. They separated and Diaz seemed to hurt Masvidal with a combination, then Jorge got the fight into the clinch. Masvidal separated and was laughing as he stepped away from Diaz. Diaz’s face was a mess heading into round two.

Nate shot back with pressure to start round two, and Masvidal met him with a combination. The two kept trading, and Masvidal met Diaz anytime he came forward with pressure. Masvidal landed a giant right hand, followed by a body shot that dropped Diaz. Masvidal let Diaz up, not wanting to go down in his guard. Diaz quickly got the fight to the clinch, and Diaz showcased his classic short punches, while Masvidal looked for elbows. Diaz turned his back to Masvidal, and Masvidal jumped on him with a flurry as they got back into the clinch. Jorge got a big slam takedown and got Diaz’s back. Diaz rolled and looked for a heel hook, but Masvidal got out of it and ended the round on top.

Diaz landed early in round three, coming forward with that Diaz-style pressure. However, Masvidal landed a big right hand followed by a leg kick that made him step back. Masvidal then landed a big left hand as they entered the clinch. They exited the clinch and Nate began landing more, and Jorge continued to target the body. They soon got into the clinch again, and Nate looked for the trip takedown but couldn’t get it. Nate rolled but Masvidal ended up on top and looked for ground and pound. Nate landed a Stockton Slap off his back that just seemed to anger Masvidal, as the latter spent the final seconds of the round wailing on the California native.

Right before the fourth round, the fight was waved off by the doctor due to cuts over Diaz’s eye. Prompting boos and both fighters disapproving. The crowd soon started chanting “bulls**t”, this is not the way you’d imagine the UFC would want their 500th show to end. Regardless, an amazing performance by Jorge Masvidal, and a great show of heart by Nathan Diaz.

Jorge Masvidal def. Nate Diaz by TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage) in Round 3 (5:00)

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