UFC 244: Pros React to Rock, Diaz Walkout, Finish that was Anything But BMF

Jorge Masvidal UFC 244
Jorge Masvidal UFC 244 open workout Credit: Marcus Rebelo/Cageside Press

It wasn’t the finish fans wanted, but for three rounds at UFC 244, Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz certainly acted the part of bad MF’ers.

The Rock got his own walkout, theme music and all, at UFC 244 — just to be the man to put the belt on the winner. That was the first thing you noticed about Saturday’s main event in New York City. A fight that would crown the “baddest motherf*cker” in the game with a specially made belt.

The second was how loud, and how pro-Diaz the crowd was. From the second the opening bell rang, “Diaz! Diaz! Diaz!” chants echoed throughout Madison Square Garden.

The night was a bizarre spectacle to say the least. For one night only, MMA fans seemed to unite in casting off the pretense of sport and accepting MMA as a pure entertainment. Because that’s what Masvidal vs. Diaz was. From the opening lark by Masvidal, feigning a flying knee similar to his fight with Ben Askren, to the final bell — in the third round, not the fifth.

That, mind you, is when things got ugly. The night ended not with a baddest mf’er being crowned but with chants of another curse word, “bullsh*t,” being hurled by fans. That after the cageside physician called off the fight following the third round. Diaz had been pummeled quite severely up to that point. He was bloody — but not surprisingly, still game.

Masvidal got the win, the BMF belt, but even he didn’t seem happy. It wasn’t a BMF finish, frankly. He was open to running it back. Diaz was open to running it back. Expect that sometime in 2020.

For now, see the pros react to the Rock, and finish, and everything else.

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