PFL 9 2019: Vinny Magalhaes’ Playoff Run Halted Early by Rashid Yusupov

Vinny Magalhães vs. Rashid Yusupov PFL 9 2019
Vinny Magalhães vs. Rashid Yusupov Credit: PFL

Rashid Yusupov pulled off the upset of Vinny Magalhaes early at PFL 9 2019, advancing to the light heavyweight semifinals.

Vinny Magalhaes was a finalist in last year’s light heavyweight tournament, making the Brazilian a favorite to go all the way in the PFL’s 2019 season. His playoff run started against Rashid Yusupov, the sixth seed to Magalhaes’ third seed.

While Magalhaes might have been the favorite, no one gave Rashid Yusupov the memo. He’d bring the Brazilian’s playoff run to a screeching halt early in the two-round fight.

Magalhaes opened with a high kick that was blocked by Yusupov. The Brazilian would go back to that high kick again moments later. Yusupov held center, keeping Magalhaes on the outside. Yusupov would work in his own kicks, and look to get some combos going, though Magalhaes, known for his ground game, showed considerable power on the feet as well. However, it was Yusupov scoring the knockout blow moments later. A right uppercut came up the middle, followed by a heavy left hand. Vinny Magalhaes immediately went crashing to the mat, marking the end of his playoff journey.

The number six seed Yusupov would advance to meet seventh seeded Jordan Johnson in semifinal action later in the evening.

Official Result: Rashid Yusupov def. Vinny Magalhaes by knockout, Round 1, 2:46