UFC Shenzhen Results: Su Mudaerji Dominates Andre Soukhamthath Impressively

018 Andre Soukhamthath UFC Moncton UFC Shenzhen Su Mudaerji
Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Su Mudaerji looked brilliant at UFC Shenzhen, dominating Andre Soukhamthath in his second Octagon appearance.

Su Mudaerji comes into UFC Shenzhen on a two-fight losing streak after falling to Louis Smolka in his promotional debut. Andre Soukhamthath has had a tough go in the UFC thus far, going 2-4 in the Octagon.

Su Mudaerji started the fight by showing his arsenal of kicks. Soukhamthath was getting a feel for his opponent’s game, then was caught with a hook kick. Soukhamthath shot for a takedown, but couldn’t get it, complaining that Mudaerji was holding his glove. The fighters separated, and Mudaerji landed a slick left straight. Mudaerji landed a few more left straights before the round came to a close.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 Mudaerji

In between rounds, Soukhamthath said he broke his left hand. Mudaerji landed another straight left, but Soukhamthath answered with a right hand. Mudaerji kept it going with his left hands as Soukhamthath had no answer for Mudaerji’s offense. Soukhamthath did what he can with his one hand, coming forward and swinging rights. After more left hands, a four-punch combination landed for Mudaerji, who was pitching a shutout.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 Mudaerji

Andre Soukhamthath shot for a takedown right out of the gate, but Mudaerji defended easily. More quick punches landed for Mudaerji, then he caught a kick and swept his opponent to the ground. Mudaerji worked from half guard, posturing up and landing ground-and-pound. Soukhamthath returned to open guard, but continued to take punishment from Mudaerji. Mudaerji did not let Soukhamthath up, periodically blasting him with punches and elbows, and fighting off a kimura in the process. Absolute dominance from Su Mudaerji.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-8 Mudaerji (30-26 Mudaerji)

Su Mudaerji def. Andre Soukhamthath by Unanimous Decision (30-26 x2, 30-25)

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