PFL 6 2019 Results: Muhammed DeReese Blitzkriegs Valdrin Istrefi

Muhammed DeReese, PFL 6 2019
DeReese vs. Istrefi Credit: PFL

After a cringe-inducing low blow, Muhammed DeReese recovered, maintained composure, and earned the TKO win to punch his ticket to the post season at PFL 6 2019.

MMA fans may remember Muhammed DeReese from his scary knockout of LeRoy Johnson last season in the PFL. At PFL 6 2019 in Atlantic City on Thursday, however, DeReese was looking to battle his way into the post season, taking on Liechtenstein’s Valdrin Istrefi. Both fighters entered the night lacking any points, making an early finish all the more crucial.

As the heavyweight affair got underway, DeReese was immediately ducking and weaving, adding a powerful overhand. Meanhile Istrefi took a more traditional approach on the feet. Both men attacked the legs, with Istrefi’s kicks sounding a little crisper. They seemed to have the desired effect, as just minutes in, DeReese had slowed. However, a nasty low blow halted the action, as DeReese doubled over in pain. As they restarted, Istrefi attempted a jump knee in lieu of a glove touch, and DeReese answered with a crushing right hand that had Istrefi hurt! DeReese swarmed as Istrefi went down, adding punch after punch as his opponent covered up. The ref took a good look, but with Istrefi not defending, was forced to call it off.

Six points for the finish, and Muhammed DeReese is now in the post-season!

Muhammed DeReese def. Valdrin Istrefi by TKO, Round 1, 2:06