PFL 6 2019 Results: Ali Isaev Wins Decision Over Carl Seumanutafa

Ali Isaev def. Carl Seumanutafa
Ali Isaev def. Carl Seumanutafa Credit: PFL

Ali Isaev is heading to the PFL 2019 post-season, following a unanimous decision win over former Bellator heavyweight Carl Seumanutafa at this year’s PFL 6 show.

With three points in the heavyweight standings, Ali Isaev entered PFL 6 2019 ranked fourth in the division. Carl Seumanutafa, a former Bellator heavyweight, meanwhile, was outside the playoff picture starting the night, and looking to change that in Atlantic City. Their heavyweight scrap went down on the main card of the event, airing live on ESPN+.

Isaev started out Thursday with a strong takedown, which Seumanutafa attempted to defend with a guillotine. He squeezed, but in due time, Isaev would pull free of the choke, and go to work with some ground n’ pound. Big shots, but Seumanutafa would survive. Ali Isaev would then look to secure an arm-triangle choke, but Seumanutafa gave the thumbs up.

Isaev would later trap an arm, looking perhaps for a crucifix, or at the very least to score damage while Carl Seumanutafa was in a bad spot. The round would close out, however.

The remaining two frames had Isaev, for the most part, in the driver’s seat. Seumanutafa would open the second by flashing a big front kick, but he wasn’t really able to do much in the way of damage, at that or really any point. Isaev, however, would fire off a hard high kick, partially blocked. Plenty of grappling and grinding against the fence in the third, a few exchanges, but Ali Isaev had control when it went to the ground. He easily took home the unanimous decision, bringing his season total to six points.

Ali Isaev def. Carl Seumanutafa by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


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