Undefeated Chantel Coates Previews Invicta FC 36 Fight

We caught up with Chantel Coates before her bout this Friday at Invicta FC 36.

Chantel Coates vs. Cailin Sammons goes down on Friday, August 9. The bout is part of Invicta FC 36 which emanates from Kansas City, Kansas. It’s a classic “0 has got to go” scenario when Coates and Sammons enter combat. It looks to be a promising three-round flyweight tilt between unbeaten pros at Memorial Hall. I caught up with Coates prior to this bout and we covered a lot of ground in our conversation.

The Unlikely MMA Journey

Chantel has an unassailably solid work ethic informed from her previous work. A strong discipline comes from military service and has reflected in Chantel’s MMA preparations. Chantel Coates specified one big takeaway from her service that has left an indelible mark with her to this day. Coates stated, “When you stop and think is when you get hit”.

Coates eventually would begin training Muay Thai and the cardio endeavor would manifest into more. Chantel said, “I took the classes for conditioning… and then I took a fight and it kind of just started to be a career for me. I fell in love with it.”

Chantel Coates began cross-training at multiple gyms. Coates made up for lost ground through hard work, diligence, and a natural aptitude for MMA. Chantel would eventually find herself in the preeminent women’s mixed martial arts promotion in the world today.

Invicta FC 36 Prep

As Chantel Coates readies to fight Caitlin Sammons, it’s her priority to focus on her own efforts. Coates watches a bit of tape but tends to allocate most of that responsibility to others. Chantel said, “My camp watches the fights and comes up with a plan for me.”

Coates believed she got in the game a bit later than most. Initially, that perception influenced her approach to training but Coates’ methodology changed with time. Chantel stated, “At first, I think I started to be like that. More of that anxiety training. Trying to feel like I needed to catch up in some areas… I’m just kind of focused on things that I’m good at and work harder on things I need to work on.”

Chantel Coates is the owner of the fastest KO in the history of Invicta FC. A well-placed right hook came 28 seconds into the first round when Coates put away Ashlynn Kleinbeck. Coates doesn’t have delusions of grandeur from this history-making moment though and she is taking things on a fight-to-fight basis.

“I’m trying to be right in the present,” Coates continued. “I know I have a lot more growing I want to do.” Coates vs. Sammons takes place on Invicta FC 36 this Friday, August 9. Check out the card on UFC Fight Pass as the broadcast starts at 8 p.m. EDT.