DWCS 2019 Week 6 Breakdown and Predictions

Rico Farrington Contender Series DWCS
Credit: Titan FC Facebook

Welterweight: Daniel Rodriguez vs. Rico Farrington

Tale of the Tape

Daniel Rodriguez
75″ Reach
Alhambra, California
Tapout LA

Rico Farrington
79″ reach
Miramar, Florida
MMA Masters

Pros and Cons

Daniel Rodriguez


  • Good overhand left
  • Good knees
  • Hits hard



  • Wild striker
  • Holds hands low
  • Takedown defense needs work
  • Poor cardio

Rico Farrington


  • Quick jab
  • Good head movement
  • Good TDD
  • Fast hands


  • Lacks skills off his back
  • Failure to commit to anything
  • Doesn’t use his range as he should

Who has the Advantage?

Striking: Farrington
Speed: Farrington
Knockout Power: Rodriguez
Chin: Even
Kickboxing: Farrington
Footwork: Farrington
Wrestling: Rodriguez
Grappling: Rodriguez
Submissions: Rodriguez
Cardio: Farrington


Farrington has qualities many fighters don’t have such as long reach, head movement, and a jab. With that said, what good is reach when you don’t utilize it much? What good is head movement when you fail to counter? What good is a jab if you don’t throw anything behind it? Farrington has what it takes to be a good fighter but just comes up short in putting it all together? Rodriguez is very underwhelming though so it’s still a fight Farrington can win. Being in front of Dana perhaps will have Farrington pull on the trigger a bit more, and if so, he can win this for sure.

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