CES 57 – Rebello vs. Haley: Main Card Results

CES 57 Live REsults
Credit: CES MMA

CES 57 goes down from the Twin River Casino in Rhode Island and we have all the main card results here.

The Connecticut based promotion, arguably the top New England promotion there is, is back in action. CES hosts yet another UFC Fight-pass showing at Twin River Casino. This card has some special reunions with the return of longtime fan-favorite Dinis Piava. CES heavyweight champion Greg Rebello also makes a much anticipated return to the cage after a year off from his Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series (DWTNCS) loss.

Kris Moutinho fights looking to get back to his winning ways after a loss to dominant champion Tony Gravely at CES54. Speaking of the bantamweight champion, Gravely is competing on week eight of DWTNCS this summer. Tateki Matsuda looks to continue his road back to a bigger promotion, the two fight UFC veteran won his first fight in CES since 2014 at CES54. Saul Almeida will also be returning to the CES cage, one of the top prospects in New England.

Check out the results from the CES 57 main card below!

CES 57 Main Card Results

Greg Rebello vs. Kevin Haley

Rebello is a special fighter, one of those fighters you just need to see in the cage, an entertainer. The CES heavyweight champion, Rebello was returning for the first time since his DWTNCS loss in 2018. Kevin Haley was currently on a two fight losing streak which may seem odd for a title challenger, but Haley has fought some of the top names in CES and more.

We opened this championship bout between heavyweights with a meet in the middle sign of respect. Haley opened with faints that got little reaction from Rebello. The champion landed a left that sounded worse than it may have been, or Haley is very good at disguises. Haley igniteed a clinch battle. A low blow from Haley caused a short stoppage. As the two exchanged punches, it seemed Haley had Rebello in a spot he wanted him, only when the distance was closed Rebello landed a strong jab followed by a hook that sent Haley crashing down ending this one in TKO fashion. Rebello remains your CES champion.

“I have high level training partners, I see everything everyday, I’m still the best at this that is why I’m here,” the champ commented afterward.

Dinis Paiva def. Antonio Castillo Jr. via KO (Rd1, 2:41)

Dinis Paiva is one of the pioneers of CES MMA, one of those fighters that on the local scene is seen as a hero to many. After dealing with some injuries and weight cut issues, Paiva was back home at CES and ready to yet again wow the fans. In the opposing corner was Antonio Castillo Jr., who was on a five fight losing streak heading in, most recently to Nick Newell at CES 56.

As Paiva looked to tap gloves, Castillo returned the favor with a punch. Paiva landed some strong body shots as Castillo continued to look for heavy punches. An overhand left landed for Paiva which seemed to wobble Castillo but the two continued standing. As Castillo threw, Paiva landed a clean left hook that dropped Castillo, and before the ground and pound could begin, the fight was over. A special moment for Paiva as the crowd erupted for his victory.

“I’ve fought for this promotion my whole career, this is all I know,” he said post-fight. “He believed in me when I didn’t believe in me,” he added, speaking in regards to his late coach. An emotional yet special victory for Paiva and his team.

Sean Soriano def. Saul Almeida via KO (Rd 1, 1:22)

Framingham, Mass native Saul Almeida has fought everywhere from CES to LFA to Bellator. He’s a highly touted prospect who could be a small winning streak away from a chance at a big promotion. Inn his way Friday was Sean Soriano, a New England native and former member of the UFC, having a three fight stint with the promotion.

We opened round one with a Soriano kick to the midsection. It seemed both men had come out looking to make a statement. A statement is exactly what Sean Soriano made, a huge hook landing and knocking out Almeida in the very first round. A huge win for a man looking to return to the UFC Octagon.

“Don’t f*cking count me out” is what Soriano had to say post fight.

Tateki Matsuda def. Matt Almy via unanimous decision (30-26 X2, 30-27)

Matsuda returned to CES at CES 54 and was back again on the road to redemption, which he no doubt hoped would make a stop back in the UFC. Matt Almy stood in the way at CES 57. Almy was a winner in his CES debut at CES49 via first round submission.

Matsuda came running to the center to meet his opponent. Almy landed a strong leg kick, followed by a missed combo from Matsuda. Matsuda attempted another combo, this one landed clean dropping Almy with a left hook. Almy was quick to regain composure and got back on his feet. Matsuda again overpowered Almy and landed some clean jabs to the head followed by a leaping head kick which was blocked, but was felt by Almy. Matsuda grappled and landed some knees to close out round one.

Our first second round of the main card, we opened with a glove touch. Matsuda was throwing a lot of jabs and faints. Sneaking in his shots, but Almy had gained the respect of the UFC veteran. Matsuda landed a takedown early and took the back of Almy. Unloading with elbows, Almy was in a tough position. Although unleashing punches on his opponent, Tateki was unable to get the finish in the closing seconds of round two.

Round three, Almy threw a big underhand shot that just missed. Tateki was going back to his leg kick strategy a bit in round three. Almy seemed to be the more relaxed fighter in round three, but both men were showing off some intense cardio. Still going strong with some round leg kicks, Matsuda began throwing some heavy punches. Almy landed a heavy right and shot for a takedown which was stuffed. Matsuda turns it into top control for his own positioning. We closed this one out, to the judges it went. Matsuda took home the win on the scorecards.

Johnny Campbell def. Kris Moutinho via TKO (Rd 2 1:46)

Moutinho is high on many prospect reports in the area, he challenged for the CES title only to lose to Tony Gravely, and looked to get right back on track Friday. Johnny Campbell may not have the prettiest of records at 15-9, but he can finish anyone and Friday would be playing the upset role.

The two Massachusetts natives began round one with some sizing up of each other. Campbell went for an early takedown but Moutinho turned it into a grapple battle against the cage. The two would break, Campbell then landed a few big leg kicks. Moutinho hit Campbell with a mean left jab that stunned his opponent. Another failed takedown attempt from Campbell followed. Campbell landed some big hooks and began swinging wildly, causing Moutinho to look for the grapple battle. Moutinho ended round one in a dominant position.

Campbell opened the second with a number of high kicks that were blocked. Campbell landed a huge hook that dropped Moutinho, Campbell quickly jumped in to finish with some serious ground and pound. As Moutinho rose, a right yet again dropped him. Campbell dropped Moutinho a third time and that was enough to finish the job in a big statement victory.

Andre Hall def. Pat McCrohan via RNC (3:46 Rd 1)  

Andre Hall, a North Carolina native, made his CES debut with a 3-1 pro record including a two fight finish streak. McCrohan returned to the CES cage after a big first round finish at Bellator 215.

Round one was underway with a flurry from Hall coming forward. A caught kick helped Hall land a clean jab. McCrohan attemptted a takedown but Hall ends up in top control. Hall took the back of McCrohan, but the Massachusetts native slipped Hall off. As the two began to stand, Hall landed a big shot and took him back down, again dominating on the ground. Hall again took the back of McCrohan and this time successfully got under the neck. Hall continues to impress early in his career, this time on the CES stage.

Hilarie Rose def. Kaiyana Rain via RNC (2:47 Rd 1) 

Hilarie Rose, on a tear since losing her pro debut, looked for a fourth win in a row and more hype to surround her name on the regional scene at CES 57. Kaiyana Rain has had a tough start to her pro career, but is one of the hardest competitors to put away via finish.

We opened round one with some short shots from Rose followed by a grappling exchange between the fighters. Rain was controlling the pressure early. It didn’t take long for Rose to find and secure top control and land some big ground and pound. Rose controlled on the ground and forced a tap from Rain via RNC. Hilarie Rose is looking for a spot on UFC Boston, and she may have given Dana White a reason to do it.