CES 56 Results: Jessy Miele Rides to Decision Victory Over UFC Vet Elizabeth Phillips

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UFC Octagon Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Jessy Miele impressed at CES 56 with a decision victory over UFC veteran Elizabeth Phillips.

Jessy Miele, a fan favorite for the CES crowd here in the Connecticut Convention Center, is ready to look for a third straight victory in the cage. Miele is considered the pound-for-pound #1 of the Northeast region (outside of a major promotion) and for good reason. The crowd is as loud as it has been all night.

Her opponent, a UFC veteran, Elizabeth Phillips looks to ruin the streak of the CES fan favorite. Phillips has fought the likes of Milana Dudieva and Raquel Pennington while under the UFC promotion.

Round 1: We open round one with an early takedown of Miele. Phillips look for a submission but Miele remains calm and escapes. Miele begins looking for a triangle while underneath Phillips. Miele finds an opening and the crowd erupts, as she gets back to her feet and lands some clean punches on Phillips. Under a minute left in the round, Jessy lands a knee and clinches up with Phillips.

Round 2: The crowd welcomes round two with a “Jessy” chant. This round begins with both fighters swinging for the fences before entering a clinch battle. Miele begins unloading on Phillips who reaches for the single leg, but without success. Jessy begins looking for the neck of Phillips, but that doesn’t last long. Miele is avidly looking for the finish, but Phillips is showing extreme toughness. In the last minute, Jessy takes the back of Phillips, but can’t control the neck. Instead, Jessy turns to ground and pound. We will see a round three.

Round 3: After a dominating round by Jessy, round three opens with Phillips turning the tide and gaining top control. Although not do a severe amount of damage, definitely hitting Miele with some elbows and punches while controlling. Jessy gets back to her feet and starts swinging, but the round comes to a close.

Official Decision: Jessy Miele def. Elizabeth Phillips via decision (29-28 Phillips, 30-26, 29-27 Miele)

30-26 seems odd, but overall, Miele did what was needed to win this fight, a dominating second round definitely helped this decision. Phillips may hold a .500 record now, but has definitely proven why many consider her such a tough and hard fight as an opponent. Miele now has won three straight, don’t be surprised to hear a quick turnaround for the P4P queen of the north.