Bellator 222 Results: Valerie Louerda Earns Decision Win Over Larkyn Dasch

Valerie Loureda
Valerie Loureda Credit: Bellator MMA

Larkyn Dasch was as tough as they come, but Valerie Louerda used her movement and kicks to take a decision win at Bellator 222.

Valerie Loureda is a Taekwondo black belt paving her way in mixed martial arts. After a 2-1 amateur career, Loureda turned pro and was instantly signed by Bellator. She made it worth it by winning in her debut by first-round stoppage in February. Check out our interview with the Floridian here.

Larkyn Dasch will be looking for her first professional victory in MMA after famously signing her contract in a Hooters uniform. Dasch had seven amateur fights before losing in her professional debut in April. The 22-year-old was signed after five opponents pulled out against Loureda.

Round 1:

Both women touch gloves to start. Dasch is aggressive early. Louerda using her movement early as Dasch is walking her down. Louerda constantly on the back foot so far but is landing good body kicks as Dasch is pressing forward. Dasch lands a nice right hand but Louerda lands a great body kick once again. Loureda countering well to the pressure of Dasch as she fires a right hand. Dasch using head movement well to evade the strikes. Another vicious body kick landed for Louerda, but Dasch gets a takedown for a few seconds before Louerda bounces back up. Louerda now kicking low before she aims towards the end with a side kick. Louerda lands several kicks and punches in a flurry to ensure the round but Dasch hanging in tough.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 Loureda. 

Round 2:

They touch gloves to start again for the second round. Dasch charging forward but misses with her combination. Loureda lands a lead left hand. Loureda using her jab to find the range and then fires a body kick. Dasch lands a nice straight left hand, but eats two body kicks for her troubles from Loureda. Louerda’s circling is working brilliantly here as Dasch is struggling to get near Louerda. Dasch fires a right hand but misses. Loureda lands several body kicks which are brutal as the sound echoes through the arena. Loureda and Dasch brawl to end the second round, both landing good strikes.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 Louerda. 

Round 3:

Dasch charges forward, looking to close the distance early, but the footwork of Loureda is giving her problems. Not many strikes in the third, just tons of movement from Loureda and Dasch is following her, attempting punches but missing. Louerda lands a low kick and continues to use her movement to avoid strikes. Loureda then attempts a front kick which misses, but the body kick afterwards lands. Dasch lands a leg kick but eats another kick from Loureda for it. Loureda getting creative with the kicks as Dasch looks to close the distance but is not throwing anything. Louerda lands the body kick, but gets clipped towards the end of the round and that is the end of the fight.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 Loureda (30-27 Loureda)

Official Result: Valerie Louerda def. Larkyn Dasch by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

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