BKB 17: Sweeney vs. Puerta Weigh-In Results

BKB 17 Weigh-Ins
Credit: Adam LeBarr/Cageside Press

Both Jimmy Sweeney and Edgar Puerta make weight at the BKB 17 same day weigh-ins, with the promotion’s lightweight title on the line.

Today (Saturday), BKB brings their 17th event back to the Indigo at the O2 in London, England, headlined by ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Jimmy Sweeney (three-division champion) and Edgar Puerta (former WBC champion).

In addition to the much anticipated lightweight title fight, the ‘PrizeFighter’ finals will take place in the co-main event, where James Connelly and Ricardo Franco fight for the tournament title, £10,000 and the Jack Broughton trophy.

If that wasn’t enough, Ricky Nelder also makes his return to action, taking on Rob Boardman for the world super-middleweight title.

Here are your BKB 17 weigh-in results:

  • Jimmy Sweeney (162.4lbs) vs. Edgar Puerta (159.6lbs)
  • James Connelly (160lbs) vs. Ricardo Franco (172.2lbs)
  • Rob Boardman (183.4lbs) vs. Ricky Nelder (193.2lbs)
  • Mitch Turner (183.4lbs) vs. Dom McConnell (169.4lbs)
  • Scott McHugh (155.4lbs) vs. Sean McFarlane (170.8lbs)
  • Danny Anderson (193.2lbs) vs. Marley Churcher (190.4lbs)
  • Daniel Podmore (264.6lbs) vs. Josh Burns (274.4lbs)
  • Jonny Lawson (159.6lbs) vs. James Lilley (163.8lbs)
  • Greg Mayne (179.2) vs. Paul Hilz (177.8lbs)
  • Jamie Oldfield (155.4lbs) vs. John Hicks (155.4lbs)
  • Connor Tierney (173.6lbs) vs. Liam Cullen (179.2lbs)
  • Dave Thomas (211.4lbs) vs. Mason Shaw (211.4lbs)

Editor’s Note: Adam LeBarr is a staff writer for BKB.


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