CES 56 Results: Parker Porter Dominates Kevin Sears

UFC Rochester octagon
UFC Rochester Octagon Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

CES 56 began with a heavyweight showdown between Parker Porter and Kevin Sears Jr.

Parker Porter was disqualified in his CES debut due to illegal strikes to the back of the head. Porter is looking to get back on the previous two fight win streak he held before the disqualification. He will be fighting in home in Hartford, Connecticut.

His opponent, Colorado native Kevin Sears Jr., has seven finishes on his record, and will look for an eighth in the cage with Porter.

Round 1: We open with a glove touch and we are underway. Sears looks for an easy takedown but Porter quickly stuffs the attempt. Porter throws ferocious ground-and-pound controlling Sears. The toughness of the Colorado native can’t be questioned, but Porter continues to dominate the round. Porter continues to switch from ground and pound to submission attempts, essentially doing whatever he wants to Sears. Porter ends the round on top.

Round 2: A dominant round one for Porter, but survival by Sears means a new life in round two. It doesn’t take long for Porter to again take control, taking down Sears. Porter is relentless with his submission attempts, and eventually forces the tap via kimura.

Porter picks up a needed win, improving his record to 9-5. Porter continuously controlled Sears, and was persistent on his submission attempts. A dominant performance in his hometown of Hartford.


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