PFL 2 2019: Andre Harrison Embracing the PFL Experience


Andre Harrison was a favorite in the featherweight tournament last season in PFL, but came up one fight short, falling to eventual champion Lance Palmer. He looks to carve a new path to the title tonight.

Uniondale, NY — Andre Harrison will return to action in the second season of the PFL, coming off the first loss of his career. The Freeport, New York, native is just 15 minutes away from Nassau Coliseum, and will have plenty of local support when he steps in the cage tonight.

This will be Harrison’s second go-around in the PFL, and he is excited to see how the promotion is growing. Prior to the season, the organization struck a broadcast deal with ESPN, which is a “dream for any sport,” in Harrison’s mind.

A great benefit to the season format of PFL compared to other promotions is that fighters know exactly when they’re going to fight. No surprises.

“You get to know when you’re fighting. So it’s a plus. You don’t want to plan something for a certain time period, and have that interrupted because you just got a call that says, ‘hey you got a fight on this day.’ You know, kind of scattered. You know when you’re fighting, you can pretty much plan your life around it.”

Another standout feature of the promotion is having to win two fights in one night to reach the finals of the playoffs.

“It’s tough. Tough mentally, physically. It’s a lot. But I think I’ll be a little better prepared for it this go-around. You try and mimic it, but it’s just got to be one of those things that you gotta experience. It’s a similar kind of feel [to wrestling tournaments], but it’s different.”

Check out the rest of the scrum above and catch Andre Harrison’s fight at PFL 2 2019 tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST on ESPN+!


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