PFL 2 2019: Natan Schulte Not Affected by Chris Wade’s Trash Talk, Focused on Evolving Game

Natan Schulte’s second season in PFL started off swimmingly with a first-round submission, and he hopes to continue improving throughout the season.

Uniondale, NY – Natan Schulte won the lightweight tournament in the first season of PFL. This season, he’s looking to showcase that no one will be able to stop him from doubling up his million-dollar winnings. He started off strong with a first round rear-naked choke victory to earn six points in the standings.

“I’m happy to be back, happy to finish the fight in the first round. I know I have a big target on my back. Last year, nobody knew me. Now I’m the champion. People will be studying my game, watching fights, watching footage of myself. But I want to evolve as much as I can between fights. So people can study, people can have an idea of what I want, but when we’re inside the cage, things are going to be different. I will try to bring as much diversity as I can and I’m training for that.”

Schulte hopes to show that he is the most complete fighter in the division, and got to do so at PFL 2 2019, rocking Bao Yincang on the feet before submitting him.

“My game is a lot of judo, wrestling, combined with a Thai and jiu-jitsu game. I don’t want to lose positions on the ground. I want to be better and better on the ground. Combined with my takedowns from judo and from wrestling that’s pretty much going to lead the path this season. Obviously, I have a complete game and feel comfortable everywhere, but this is my bread and butter.”

American Top Team has been flourishing and Schulte is part of the team’s great success in the world of MMA recently. It’s the exact right place for Schulte as looks to continue to round out his game in search of a second title.

“I think American Top Team is one of the best, if not the best, gyms in the world right now. I have full support from all the coaches. My main coach is Marcos DaMatta Parrumpa, I have my striking coach Luciano dos Santos as well as Katel Kubis so they put everything together for me strategy-wise. They tighten up my game, not only on the ground, but also stand up so I feel comfortable. And training with all of our training partners. We have so many. It’s too much for me to tell but it’s so diverse. I have wrestlers, I have strikers, I have jiu-jitsu guys, I have brawlers, I have southpaws, I have orthodox, I have everybody. Everything I have at American Top Team. So I feel pretty safe saying that we’re the best.”

After their controversial decision in the semifinals last year, Chris Wade has had a lot to say about Natan Schulte. The Brazilian is taking the high road, and simply focusing on winning fights.

“He’s talking a lot about me, but my goal is not Chris Wade, my goal is a million dollars again and another belt. If we cross paths again, I will do my best, like I did twice in the past, to beat him. I’m going to watch his fights, like I’m watching all the fights, so I can have a good understanding of all my opponents, but Chris Wade’s not my goal. I cannot control what he says. He dreams about me, he talks about me, good for him. My goal is another belt and a million dollars.”

When asked what he’d do with $2 million, the translator interjected to say, “he doesn’t [spend money], that’s the problem.” Schulte proved that point by adding, “I’m going to try to invest in the market and make more money. I’m going to make my money work for me.