Welcome to the UFC: Gabriel Silva

Gabriel Silva UFC
Credit: FEN Facebook

Gabriel Silva caught Dana White’s attention during the filming of an episode of Lookin’ for a Fight, and was signed to the UFC after his performance at LFA 63.

On March 29, Dana White went to Belton, Texas to LFA 63 to film an episode of Lookin’ for a Fight. After the event, he would invite Derrick Krantz to the Contender Series. In addition to that, he signed Gabriel Silva straight to the UFC after a first-round knockout against Jake Heffernan.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Team Nogueira
1 Submission (Triangle)

How Will Gabriel Silva Fare in the UFC:

Gabriel Silva, the brother of former top prospect Erick Silva, really proved he is one to look out for when he beat Kamil Lebowski, who was a top prospect at the time. Silva is improving each fight and only getting better. On the feet, he is a very good striker, marching forward and firing right hook after left hook over and over again with a lot of power and excellent precision. He is always moving forward landing but he can also shoot in and get the takedown because he does very well with his wrestling. On top, he has good BJJ as he knows how to pass guard and transition to better positions but can unload ground and pound also. Silva isn’t too technical with his striking but is a good counter striker.

  • Striking: C+
  • Kickboxing: C
  • Clinch: B-
  • Wrestling: B-
  • Grappling: B-
  • Striking Defense: C
  • Takedown Defense: C+
  • Cardio: C
  • Biggest Strength: BJJ
  • Biggest Weakness: Can Be Sloppy