Invicta FC 32: Spencer vs. Sorenson Results and Recap

Felicia Spencer and Pam Sorenson Invicta FC 32
Spencer vs. Sorenson Credit: Dave Mandel/Invicta FC

Invicta FC was set to crown a new featherweight champion on Friday, as Invicta FC 32 had Felicia Spencer facing Pam Sorenson in the main event for the vacant title.

Invicta FC was back in action on Friday night, heading to the state of Oklahoma for the first time. With a featherweight title fight in the main event, the promotion’s biggest title was on the line in Shawnee, OK. The 145lb strap, vacated by Megan Anderson and Cris Cyborg before her, would be claimed by one of Felicia Spencer and Pam Sorenson. Spencer (5-0) was the undefeated rising star, while Sorenson (7-2) had the edge in experience.

Also on the card, Kay Hansen, still just 19 despite her 3-1 record as a pro, was moving up to flyweight to take on Erin Blanchfield. In co-main event action, meanwhile, Mizuki Inoue (billed simply as MIZUKI) took on Viviane Pereira. Mizuki, however, missed weight for the strawweight bout, and would forfeit twenty percent of her purse.

Invicta FC 32: Spencer vs. Sorenson goes down live at the Firelake Arena in Shawnee, Oklahoma Friday night. Check back come fight time (8PM ET) for full results and a recap of the night’s action.

Chelsea Chandler vs. Mitzi Merry

Chelsea Chandler backed Mitzi Merry up against the fence early in Invicta FC 32’s card-opening bantamweight bout. Merry ate a straight left, but battled off the cage, only to be forced back again. Chandler was letting her hands go, mixing in some kicks to the mid-section as well. Merry finally managed to force a clinch only to again be backed up to the fence. However, confusion broke out when the bell sounded at three minutes, rather than five.

The second round started with Chandler again driving Mitzi Merry into the fence. She worked in knees, and controlled the wrists of her opponent, preventing her from reversing position. The big knees continued, and this time, as time approached three three minute mark, the action carried on, with no early interruption. However, the remainder of the round played out in similar fashion, with Chandler in full control.

Chandler’s kicks were going early in round three, alongside her hooks; before the first minute she again had Merry against the cage. Merry was in clear need of a finish but unable to get her back off the wall, with Chandler controlling her and landing knees to thigh and body.

Chelsea Chandler def. Mitzi Merry by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

Isis Verbeek vs. Kathryn Paprocki

Paprocki started out working her jab, walking Verbeek down and soon taking the fight to the fence. Not before Verbeek countered with some knees, however. Verbeek kept her stance wide, but Paprocki got her hands locked locked and completed a takedown with three minutes remaining. Paprocki then attacked the body with rights, and moved to half guard. She’d spend the remainder of the frame on top, while Verbeek looked to make something happen off her back.

Round two saw the pair standing a little longer than in the first. Paprocki was still the aggressor, moving forward, but Verbeek was having more success, firing a quick left hand, and showing better movement. However, just past two minutes, in, Paprocki got the fight back to the ground. However, after some time on top, Paprocki connected with a head butt, which led to the ref taking a point. When the action was restarted, it didn’t take Paprocki long to get it back down, but while she won the round in terms of action, the point deduction likely negated that.

In round three Paprocki went straight to takedown mode, driving Verbeek into the cage. Verbeek tried to defending with a guillotine, but didn’t really have much on it, and soon Paprocki was in half-guard. Paprocki worked for an arm-bar, then moved to mount and let her hands fly.

Kathryn Paprocki def. Isis Verbeek by unanimous decision (28-27, 28-27, 28-27)

Liz Tracy vs. Stephanie Geltmacher

A lot of circling, a lot of swinging went down throughout the opening round of Tracy vs. Geltmacher at flyweight. Both ladies were swinging hard, and both were connecting. Geltmacher was arguably the more polished fighter, but Tracy was able to make it dirty with a clinch and a knee late in the round. No sign of a takedown from either woman in the first, despite both having a solid wrestling base.

Chucking bombs continued to be the story in round two. Tracy worked in some kicks, and was having a little more success in the first half of the frame. Still no sign of a takedown. After ten minutes the pair were still slugging away, with Geltmacher showing excellent head movement, and Tracy turning it up before the bell.

Would the punches in bunches continue in round three? Pretty much. Geltmacher was bloodied. Tracy worked in kicks along with her punches. Despite the damage, Geltmacher appeared to be the fresher fighter. She continued to throw, with slightly better accuracy. They’d go the distance in a very close battle, with Geltmacher’s technical edge earning her the nod.

Stephanie Geltmacher def. Liz Tracy by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Erin Blanchfield vs. Kay Hansen

Plenty of action early in Blanchfield vs. Hansen in another flyweight title. Hansen looked to take the fight to the canvas early. However Blanchfield proved to have excellent takedown defense. She’d stay standing, though Hansen spent most of the first five minutes pressure her into the fence.

Round two saw Hansen and Blanchfield in a clinching battle once again. This time, Blanchfield had a little more success, reversing Hansen against the fence. She event put Hansen on the ground briefly. Blanchfield was unable to make anything happen, however, and Hansen pushed off, firing a few punches before they clinched again. Hansen had been bloodied by the end of the second, with a gash over her left eye.

The clinch battle started early in the third round, but this time, it didn’t last. Back in the middle Blanchfield dove for a single that Hansen pulled free from. Hansen fired off a few punches, then Blanchfield pushed her back up against the fence, trying to lock her hands for a double leg attempt. That switched to a single, which Hansen also fought off. It would go to the scorecards, where it was Blanchfield earning a majority decision in another close fight.

Erin Blanchfield def. Kay Hansen by majority decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Alexa Conners vs. Julia Avila

Avila took the fight right to Conners off the opening bell, charging forward throwing a combination. She drove Conners into the fence as Conners tried to tie her up. Conners broke free, but Avila just went right after her again. Conners needed to slow the pace, or at least do something to fend off the aggressive ‘Raging Panda’ Julia Avila. However, Avila again was able to create space and attack with another flurry of strikes. Conners was bloodied. Avila drove her into the fence and landed knees. Avila was still landing when the round ended, and Conners was bloodied, but not out.

Round two saw Alexa Conners faring slightly better, but still ultimately being bulled by Avila’s striking. And it wasn’t long before the ‘Raging Panda’ found the finish. A knee, a front kick, and a barrage of punches sent Conners to the canvas. Avila, with that, had the win, and put herself in a good spot for a bantamtweight title shot.

Julia Avila def. Alexa Conners by TKO, Round 2, 4:43

Kaitlin Young vs. Sarah Patterson

Young vs. Patterson was contested at a 150lb catchweight on Friday, as Patterson was stepping up on short notice to face the former Invicta matchmaker. Even then, Patterson came in heavy, but Kaitlin Young was looking to build off a recent win on RIZIN after coming out of retirement earlier in the year.

The fight didn’t end in a finish anyone expected. Within the first minute and a half, after a bit of feeling out, Young landed a leg kick that seemed to hurt Patterson. She appeared to reach for her leg in pain, and Young moved in for the kill, landing a few punches as Patterson fell.

Kaitlin Young def. Sarah Patterson by TKO (leg kick and punches), Round 1, 1:25

Ashley Cummins vs. Jessica Delboni

A bit of a feeling out period kicked off Cummins vs. Delboni at atomweight on Friday, the only 105lb fight on the Invicta FC 32 card. Some grappling exchanges saw Delboni holding her own as the round progressed, and in the open, she pressed forward, only to end up bloodied and in a standing guilltoine in the final minute. Cummins then pulled guard, but lost the choke attempt as they went to the ground.

Round two saw Cummins circling out the outside, finding success with her straight punches. Yet by the midway point, she decided to change levels, and scored a takedown out in the open. Moving to half-guard, she had room to work, but Delboni was able to scramble up. Delboni then took Cummins down, and was able to spend some time on top and in control, posturing up and using shoulder and head position to control her opponent. However, Cummins was able to escape, and they’d finish the round on the feet.

The final round saw Cummins and Delboni staying mostly on the feet, trading punches and leg kicks. Delboni continually threw a looping right hand. Cummins seemed a little more keen to attempt a takedown later in the round, but Delboni easily evaded it. They’re trade to the bell, and go to the judges.

Ashley Cummins def. Jessica Delboni by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

MIZUKI vs. Viviane Pereira

Invicta FC 32’s co-main event saw Mizuki Inoue, who came in just over the strawweight limit, take on UFC veteran Viviane Pereira. Pereira looked to get this battle to the ground early, putting Inoue on her back. Mizuki threw up elbows from the bottom, then worked to isolate an arm while Pereira was in guard. Mizuki would make it back to her feet, and turn the tables on her foe, taking the back, then later moving to mount, dropping punches toward the end of the round.

The second saw feints and and some jabs thrown early, and Pereira was lunging in, trying to land something big. Mizuki kept her head moving, and her jab going. Soon she was able to put some combinations together, but Pereira was happy to fire back. The two were exchanging as the second came to an end.

Round three opened with some exchanges, which Inoue had got the better of in the second. Mizuki then changed levels, shot in and landed a key takedown. Pereira attempted to defend with a guillotine, but didn’t have it. Mizuki was in control, though Pereira would avoid calamity and make it back to her feet with half a round remaining. They’d exchange to the end of the bout, but the judges saw it clearly in Inoue’s favor.

MIZUKI def. Viviane Pereira by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Felicia Spencer vs. Pam Sorenson

Undefeated featherwieght Felicia Spencer had Pam Sorenson pressed up against the cage within the first minute of their 145lb title fight on Friday. Shortly thereafter, Spencer had Sorenson to the ground, and before long she had taken the back and was looking for a choke. It was not to be, however. The win simply wouldn’t be that easy, and they’d battle it out for the rest of the frame.

In the second, Spencer was once again all over Sorenson. However, trying to drag her down from the back, she gave up position, allowing Sorenson to threaten from the top for a moment. However, Spencer escaped back to her feet, and drove Sorenson into the cage again. Latching on for a high crotch single, she nearly gave up position again, and Sorenson was able land a number of punches. Again, Spencer would make it back up, but shortly after, Sorenson would catch her in a guillotine. Spencer stayed cool, and freed herself, driving Sorenson into the cage and landing a big knee as the pair made it back up. Sorenson that connected with a standing elbow. Spencer stuck to her game plan, clinching against teh cage, using foot stomps and knees to soften Sorenson up. Sorenson, very game, landed some elbows; in the open, Pam ‘Bam’ then connected with a solid punch that pu Spencer on her heels. The pair traded kicks, and Spencer worked in a standing below before attempting on last takedown, only for Sorenson to land on top.

Round three opened with Spencer firing off a kick. Things were heating up, and Spencer was again looking for the takedown by the fence, while a game Sorenson threw elbows. She was proving a difficult doe to take down, and Spencer was forced to employ more of her standup out in the open, including a superman punch. Sorenson began to connect more frequently, which forced Spencer to drive her into the fence once more, landing more foot stomps. She’d score a big takedown in the final minute, getting to half-guard and landing some big punches as Sorenson tried to defend with an arm-bar off her back.

Round four saw Sorenson going to the head and body early, and the two exchanging leg kicks. Sorenson would land a right, but Spencer would explode forward, firing off punches and pushing Sorenson into the fence. Literally pushing her. However a takedown attempt led to Sorenson getting into top position. Spencer made it up; a trip put her back down, but again she was right back up, driving into Sorenson. Then, on the next trip to the ground, SPencer took the back, and got at least one hook in. Getting an arm under the chin, she locked in the rear-naked choke, and forced the tap!

Felicia Spencer def. Pam Sorenson by submission (arm-bar), Round 4, 4:23

Invicta FC 32 Results:

Felicia Spencer def. Pam Sorenson by submission (arm-bar), Round 4, 4:23 – Spencer wins  Invicta FCfeatherweight title
MIZUKI def. Viviane Pereira by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Ashley Cummins def. Jessica Delboni by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Kaitlin Young def. Sarah Patterson by TKO (leg kick and punches), Round 1, 1:25
Julia Avila def. Alexa Conners by TKO, Round 2, 4:43
Erin Blanchfield def. Kay Hansen by majority decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Stephanie Geltmacher def. Liz Tracy by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Kathryn Paprocki def. Isis Verbeek by unanimous decision (28-27, 28-27, 28-27)
Chelsea Chandler def. Mitzi Merry by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)