PFL 6: Kayla Harrison Steamrolls Veteran Kaitlin Young, Heads to Third Straight Post-Season

Kayla Harrison, PFL 6
Kayla Harrison, PFL 6 at the Overtime Elite Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, Friday, July 1, 2022. (Cooper Neill / PFL)

Kayla Harrison’s highly anticipated showdown with Julia Budd fell through barely a week ago, but there was still a tough fight ahead of her on Friday at PFL 6.

In place of Budd was veteran Kaitlin Young, looking to do the unthinkable and bounce Harrison from the PFL 2022 post-season.

Young would flash her left hand early, trying to live up to her “Striking Viking” nickname. But barely a minute in, Harrison scooped up Young and slammed her to the mat. Harrison landed right in side control, and while Young worked her way to the fence, and then to her knees, Harrison threatened to take the back. Moments later, Harrison was on Young’s back, landing a series of unanswered strikes. While none were overly damaging, Young appeared unable to defend, at best simply trying to keep moving. That was enough for the ref to call it, a decision Young immediately protested.

It wouldn’t change the outcome. Another win, another finish for Kayla Harrison, who improved to 14-0 with the victory. She has 11 finishes in the span, and more importantly, the two-time PFL women’s lightweight champion now moves on to her third consecutive post-season with the company.

Harrison will face Martin Jindrova in her next fight, with maybe the only surprise being that she’s not the #1 seed overall. That honor belongs to Larissa Pacheco, who will fight Olena Kolesnyk in the playoffs.

Official Result: Kayla Harrison def. Kaitlin Young by TKO, Round 1, 2:35