Brave CF Returns to India in December for Brave CF 20

Brave CF is heading back to India at the end of the year for Brave CF 20, which will be held on December 22.

Brave Combat Federation returns to India on December 22 when they host Brave CF 20 in Gachibowli Indoor Stadium. This time, the promotion will explore the MMA market in the south when they host their event in Hyderabad. The middle-eastern promotion has been invested in Indian MMA since its very first event. They have had Indian fighters compete on their cards very frequently and today stand as one of the two big names in Indian MMA, after SFL. Brave CF held its first event in India back in the summer of 2017. They hosted their event in the NSCI Dome in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai.

This time Brave ventures in an unexplored territory in Hyderabad. South India has been home to some of the best Indian MMA fighters. However, no promotion has gone as far as having a major event in the southern part of the country.

What must be noted is that most top Indian MMA fighters like Mohd Farhad recently competed on Kumite 1 League card on September 29. Will they be able to make this quick turnaround? Also, now that they are exploring the southern market what will be their approach? When working in the west or in the north most major sporting entities relied heavily on Bollywood. However, when you talk the southern part of the country you talk about a place where Bollywood isn’t that popular. That being said, former MMA fighter Ritika Singh managed to make it big in the south Indian film industry. This event is bound to answer some questions about the southern part of India. Cageside Press is going to follow this event very closely so don’t forget to follow us on every social media platform.