Tenshin Responds to Conor McGregor, Promises to Avenge UFC Star’s Loss to Mayweather

Tenshin Nasukawa, RIZIN 14 press conference
Tenshin Nasukawa Credit: RIZIN FF

Japanese kickboxing and MMA prodigy Tenshin Nasukawa has responded to Conor McGregor’s comments about Floyd Mayweather facing Tenshin at RIZIN 14.

Sometimes, you can take the high road and pull off a mic drop all at once. That’s exactly what Tenshin Nasukawa did on Tuesday, when he responded to Conor McGregor’s bewildered, profane, and borderline racist social media post about Nasukawa facing boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Tenshin, for those who haven’t paid attention to the Japanese mixed martial arts scene of late, is the biggest thing going in Japan. He just pulled off a main event win against former UFC star Kyoji Horiguchi, perhaps the best lighter weight fighter outside the UFC (of course, it should be noted the showdown was a kickboxing bout, not an MMA fight). On Sunday, his bosses at RIZIN Fighting Federation announced via a press conference that Floyd Mayweather would fight the young star, who just left his teens, at their annual New Year’s Eve show. Mayweather was on hand for the press conference, saying all the right things.

That led to Conor McGregor, the last man to face Mayweather in a boxing ring, chiming in. McGregor has long fanned the flames between the two, perhaps in hopes of a rematch down the line, having lost the match via 10th round TKO. McGregor’s response to the booking of Tenshin vs. Mayweather included the fighter acting unaware as to who Nasukawa was, and likening the pair to Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker from the Rush Hour movies.

Tenshin’s response was simple, yet cut to the bone.

“Hello Mr. McGregor. My name is Tenshin Nasukawa,” the young prodigy wrote. “I am not Jackie Chan. I promise to avenge your loss, so please watch my fight.” A subtle reminder that Nasukawa now has a chance to do (under a rule set to be determined) what McGregor could not.

For those who are yet to really discover Tenshin Nasukawa, a few highlights should help:

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