Conor McGregor’s Response to Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Tenshin Nasukawa Is Something Else

Conor McGregor
Mayweather-McGregor International Press Tour, Toronto, Budweiser Stage. Credit: Mike McClory/Cageside Press

Conor McGregor claims to have no idea who Tenshin Nasukawa is, and had some interesting comments on the Floyd Mayweather to RIZIN news.

There was no chance that Conor McGregor was going to keep quiet about Floyd Mayweather Jr. joining RIZIN Fighting Federation. None. Even if it’s just for one fight, in a rule set to be determined later, Conor was going to have something to say. McGregor, who played the role of challenger to Mayweather’s boxing greatness in ‘The Money Fight’ just over a year ago, spent months trash talking the boxing legend. And while he ultimately came up short in the ring against ‘Money,’ most pundits felt McGregor performed better than expected.

A visit from Mayweather to the MMA world to return the favor was considered a long shot. Mayweather, now in his forties, spent his entire career in the pro boxing realm. Yet virtually no one saw The Money Team going into business with Japan’s RIZIN. When Mayweather turned up at a RIZIN press conference Sunday to announce a fight (the details of which are still unclear) against Japanese kickboxing sensation Tenshin Nasukawa, jaws dropped globally.

McGregor, for once, didn’t seem to know what to say. So he said… a lot, while saying nothing.

“Is that a tracksuit or a sauna suit Floyd haha WTF,” McGregor’s response to the news came on Instagram. Choosing to focus on Mayweather’s outfit, the Irish star continued by asking “is it hot in Toyko or what’s the story here? That climate change is no joke.” Referring to Tenshin as “this little pr*ck,” McGregor feigned ignorance, claiming not to know the fighter. While that’s doubtful, Nasukawa clearly doesn’t have the notoriety that McGregor himself does.

Then, dabbling in the world of stereotypes a little, McGregor compared the duo to Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in the Rush Hour franchise. Of course, Nasukawa is Japanese, not Chinese, and the Rush Hour series stopped at the third movie, but you get the picture. Because the best comparison for a black fighter and an Asian fighter apparently is an action movie franchise with no new installment since 2007.

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