Bellator 206 Results: Rampage Jackson Stops Wanderlei Silva in Entertaining, Nostalgic Scrap

Rampage Jackson
Rampage Jackson Credit: Dave Mandel/

Rampage Jackson proved he still has dynamite in his fists, as he and Wanderlei Silva turned back the clock at Bellator 206 on Saturday night.

It was a grudge match arguably ten years too late. A chance for Rampage Jackson to even the score with old foe Wanderlei Silva. It finally went down when Jackson met Silva for the fourth time at Bellator 206 in San Jose on Saturday night. Their rivalry dated back to Pride, and later, the UFC. Silva had scored one of the most violent knockouts in MMA history when he left Jackson dangling on the ring ropes at Pride 28. It was one of those “poster” moments that stay with MMA fans for years.

The question was, at Bellator 206, did either man have enough in the tank to put on an entertaining show? Jackson certainly still had his knockout power, but both had recently been stifled by Chael Sonnen. On the plus side, it was doubtful either man would be looking for a takedown as they headed into their fourth meeting, with Silva up 2-1 in the career series.

With both men finally back in the cage together for the first time in ten years, the question was, who had more left in the tank? Jackson, without question, was the larger man. More intimidating, to be sure. But Wanderlei Silva was never one to turn down a fight.

There was no glove touch to start, and then two of the most bitter rivals in the sport had at it. Silva threw a number of jabs early, while Jackson walked him down, ready to unleash that power punch. It was Silva launching an overhand right first, but it didn’t connect clean. Jackson then tagged him with a counter a moment later, and Silva clinched, buying recovery time. Jackson would push him off; facing off again, Silva would miss with a front kick. Silva would attack with a right and go high with a kick again, while Jackson would sail wide with a counter. Another overhand right by Silva connected, and Rampage answered by driving the Brazilian back to the fence. They’d exchange in a flurry then, with Jackson even launching a kick. At the end of the round, Jackson began goading his opponent a little, encouraging Silva to engage.

Round two saw Wanderlei open with a leg kick. An exchange followed with both men landing, both putting everything behind their punches! Jackson would block an overhand right a short time later, and back Silva up. Silva was showing a bit of damage, and was breathing heavy. Jackson then rocked him with a punch, with the Brazilian clinching, and Rampage trying to create some space. Jackson then worked in some dirty boxing, and stalked Silva as the Brazilian escaped. The pair exchanged again, with Jackson having a slight edge and adding a knee before another clinch. Rampage would throw in some uppercuts in the clinch, Silva would threaten to land some big shots off the break. Then came the big finish! Rampage Jackson scored a knockdown with a heavy right hand, and Wanderlei was hurt! Jackson moved in with the follow-up ground n’ pound, and as Silva covered up, the ref called it off.

Just like that, Quinton Jackson evened the score to two wins, and two knockouts, apiece. Say what you will about age and condition, but the pair managed to put on a more entertaining fight than most expected at this stage of their careers.

Rampage Jackson def. Wanderlei Silva by TKO, Round 2, 4:32


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