PFL 4: Andre Harrison Trying to Earn a Million Dollars One Fight At a Time

Andre Harrison, PFL 4
Andre Harrison, PFL 4 weigh-in Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

The featherweights take center stage this week in Long Island as the Professional Fighters League touches down at the Nassau Coliseum for the fourth event in the inaugural season. Among the PFL 4 notables, Andre Harrison.

Fans and media members alike were quite surprised when the PFL released the fight line up for the fourth event of the season. The fact that hometown favorite Andre ‘The Bull’ Harrison was not scheduled to be the evenings’ main event at PFL 4 drew much ire from critics and left many scratching their heads.

That’s not to say that main event fighter Lance Palmer doesn’t deserve the featured headlining bout. Yet there are other shows further down the road to be headlined, with Palmer a favorite to feature in the post-season. In that sense, it seems like the PFL may have made a error in judgement as it comes to slotting these fights. Especially to Harrison.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Harrison told Cageside Press on the Monday before the fight.

“When I found out I was the main event for MSG, I was like alright cool. I was excited, I was happy but I didn’t expect it.” Harrison continued, “I only thought it would make that much more sense to make me a part of the main event for the Long Island card. I want to school in Freeport and I went to Nassau community college which is pretty much across the street [from the event].”

The decision to book Lance Palmer as the headliner over the hometown favorite Harrison in the main event of PFL 4 is a bit perplexing. However, “The Bull” wont waste anymore time thinking about things he can’t control, and the former WSOF featherweight champ is laser focused on his opponent this Thursday night.

“You have to take it one fight at a time,” Harrison emphatically stated. “People ask me all the time, what are you going to do with a million dollars? But you legitimately cant think about that, you have to, have to, have to, focus on one fight at a time, or I may never get to the million dollar fight.”

The prize at the end of the fight rainbow is of course the million dollar prize that the PFL is offering to each division winner. “The Bull” may be taking each fight as they come, but the undefeated featherweight has entertained the idea of a rematch with Palmer.

“Lance is a tough dude,” said Harrison. “I’ve seen Lance a few times since he has gotten to New York, and he is a great fighter. I’m sure he and I will cross paths again.”

Andre Harrison takes on Nazareno Malegarie in the co-main event of PFL 4 this Thursday night live on NBCSN 8/7c.