Sumiko Inaba Wins Big For Maui, ‘Feel like we all won that fight’

Uncasville – PFL flyweight Sumiko Inaba was ecstatic to get back into the win column in her first action for the promotion when she defeated Saray Orozco at PFL 4 on Thursday night.

“It feels so good. After that last one like coming in here and getting that win specially for back home,” Inaba told reporters including Cageside Press at her post-fight scrum.

“Maui’s been through a lot and I feel like we all won in that fight.”

Inaba (7-1) was coming off her first career loss last November. Getting back in the win column is big for her coming into her first action in PFL.

“It’s different from Bellator, but getting the switch up and just a whole new change and coming home with a win it feels so good,” she said.

She may not have entered PFL in time to get into the tournament, but Inaba can’t wait to get involved in it next season.

“Just getting my feet wet with this one and watching the tournament play out this year it’s amazing. There’s so many tough girls and just watching tonight play out I think it’s going to be awesome,” Inaba said.

“I’m ready for the next tournament. If anything happens I’m ready to jump right back in. I’m good right now.”

Watch the entire post-fight scrum with Sumiko Inaba above.