Conor McGregor Says “Thanks” For Trash Talk That Will Put Son Through College… In Burger King Ad

Conor McGregor is taking on all comers… in the fast food industry, anyway.

It’s not on PPV, and his opponent is a chicken — sandwich, that is. Conor McGregor has made his latest appearance, and it’s in a new ad for Burger King. While that wouldn’t normally be “news,” pretty much anything the erstwhile UFC featherweight and lightweight champion does makes headlines these days. And of particular note is the fact that McGregor is allowed to bring up his detractors in the commercial.

He also snatches a drink away from the hands of The Burger King, who remains something out of your nightmares. Or a bad horror movie. In any case, it’s a smart nod to McGregor snatching the featherweight belt away from then-champion Jose Aldo, back in what feels like a lifetime ago.

You can watch the full video above. No doubt the most talked about moment will be McGregor saying “oh, by the way, thanks for all the trash talk guys. You just put Conor Jr. through college.”

When Conor McGregor returns to the octagon is anyone’s guess, though he recently offered to step in on short notice against Frankie Edgar at UFC 222. That card was eventually saved by Cris Cyborg, while Edgar was paired up with Brian Ortega. Ortega became the first man to finish Edgar in the fight.