The Real Champ Champ: A Chat With Titan FC 48 Headliner Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres

Jose'Shorty' Torres, Titan FC 46 Brave CF 23
Credit: Titan FC/

Titan FC has its own dual weight champ in Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres, who returns to defend his 125lb title next month!

It is every fighter’s dream to make it to the UFC and test their skill against the best fighters in the world. And while the UFC does a good job at scouting talent outside of the usual avenues, they have also struck up a bit of a partnership with Titan FC, utilizing them as a sort of feeder league.

For those who stick to the major promotions and might have overlooked them thus far, Titan FC is a regional MMA promotion that puts on quality events. They’re easy enough to find, however: you can watch Titan’s fight library on UFC Fight Pass.

For two years now one man has embodied the Titan FC brand unparalleled — Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres. Torres is a two-division champion, holding both the bantamweight and flyweight straps in the promotion. The dual-weight class champ defends his flyweight title on February 16 at Titan FC 48 for the first time in over a year.

Cageside Press sat down with this Midwestern phenom and talked about his upcoming bout, the likelihood of joining the UFC roster, and more.

First up, does the long lay off (from flyweight) concern ‘Shorty’? “Not at all,” said Torres. “It’s not like I haven’t been active, I’ve been training, I’ve had other fights. I’m just ready!”

Being ready and staying ready are characteristics that Torres values; when the UFC came calling the timing wasn’t right for ‘Shorty’, “Sadly because of injuries and bad timing when the UFC called I wasn’t able to take all their offer.”

Torres added, “I’m getting my weight down and getting ready for this fight, just in case the UFC calls me for a last-minute fight I’ll be ready for that too.”

A Midwestern native, Torre’s work ethic was forged in the very city he grew up in, Chicago. Make no mistake though, ‘Shorty’ is a part of a new breed of athletes that will travel the globe if need be to seek out the very best training partners in the world.

On January 2 of this year the brand new American Top Team gym opened their doors, and guess who decided to check it out?  “Its been tough,” Torres said. “Those guys are really good.”

“I’ve traveled the world to try to define my craft, these guys are good down here. I know why I had trouble in my last fight against Gleidson [DeJesus], there are some real masters here.”

Torres’s next fight will be his first one with ATT.

The individual that is charged with the task of beating the ‘champ champ’ in his next fight is Alberto Orellano. ‘Shorty’ will agree that Orellano isn’t the number one contender, but why should he get the fight then?

“I don’t believe Alberto is the next in line,” Torres said. “But the guys that are next in line don’t want to fight me, so Alberto stepped up and now he gets to fight me for the flyweight title.”

Regardless of who he is fighting, Torres is one of the most talented athletes not currently under contract with the UFC. ‘Shorty’ looks to continue his winning ways when he defends his flyweight title at Titan FC 48 on February 16. After that? You have to think that this two division champ will most likely be making his first walk to the octagon sometime in 2018.