TUF 25 Finale Results: Drakkar Klose Outlasts Marc Diakiese in Brawl

TUF 25 Finale Drakkar Klose
Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Drakkar Klose and Marc Diakiese had a very exciting bout featuring switch kicks, leg kick knockdowns, and more at the TUF 25 Finale.

The showman Marc Diakiese started the TUF 25 Finale bout with a spinning heel kick that came up short, and Drakkar Klose answered with a set of leg kicks that landed hard. Klose pushed through the kicks of Diakiese and took down the Brit.

Diakiese was not down long though as he stood up then took Klose down. Diakiese dove for a heel hook and Klose answered with one of his own. Both fighters eventually stood up.

Klose continued to land leg kicks and one caught Diakiese on the calf and knocked him down. Klose chased him down and landed hard shots, but Diakese survived and made his way back up. Diakiese stayed in the clinch, took the back of Klose and slammed him down

Klose began to focus more on pressure against the fence, similar to his UFC debut. The round ended and Diakiese limped to his corner.

Diakiese tried a front kick early on in round two, so it seemed as if the leg was fine. Klose ducked under a right hand and attempted a takedown. Diakiese’s base stayed strong and resisted several takedown efforts.

Klose attempted a head kick that missed, then Diakiese attempted a spinning back kick that Klose ducked under to take Diakiese down. Diakiese countered with a heel hook that forced Klose back to his feet.

Diakiese clinched up and landed a knee that was too low. After action resumed Diakiese clinched up again and landed a hard knee. Klose separated and landed a leg kick. Klose went back to his leg kicks then knocked Diakiese down with one again. Klose followed up but there was not enough time left.

Diakiese came out looking much better than previous rounds. The Brit landed a beautiful switch kick to the head and Klose went back to the clinch. Diakiese separated and worked on range strikes.

Klose ducked under after Diakiese responded to a combination and scored another takedown. Diakiese answered with a guillotine and Klose flipped out of it. Diakiese stayed in the clinch after Klose stood up and kept the pressure on with strikes.

Klose reversed positioning and could not get Diakiese to budge. Klose was out of range with his strikes, as was Diakiese. Diakiese attempted another spinning attack that landed to the body.

Klose caught a kick, attempted a single leg takedown, and Diakiese brought it to the canvas with another guillotine. It was a wild contest that was fun for all 15 minutes. Drakkar Klose took home the split decision, called out Michael Bisping (Klose is not a middleweight) and went at it with some fans, yikes.