UFC 212 Results: Vitor Belfort Takes Close Decision from Marquardt

Vitor Belfort
Credit: Joao Baptista/Sherdog.com

Vitor Belfort’s UFC career came to an end at UFC 212, and he went out on top with a decision victory in front of his fellow Brazilians.

In his storied UFC career, Vitor Belfort had never won a contest via the judges’ scorecards. That ended at UFC 212.

Nate Marquardt pushed forward with a straight punch combination and landed a trip under a minute in. Belfort locked Marquardt up in guard and held him there until the referee stood them up rather quickly. Belfort pushed back on the feet with a high kick that forced Marquardt to reset.

Marquardt was caught with a right, then landed one of his own. A leg kick landed for Marquardt but it was Belfort pushing forward. The round ended after a deflected Belfort head kick.

The second round opened with several feints from each fighter, with neither combatant committing to anything for a minute. Marquardt landed a punch combination then a head kick shortly afterward. Belfort came back with a punch of his own that rocked Marquardt. Belfort pursued and pushed Marquardt along the fence with punches and knees from the Thai clinch. Marquardt was able to get his wits together and reset at the center of the Octagon.

Marquardt changed his strategy at this point and began developing a long range with front kicks. Marquardt pushed forward with high kicks that landed, then Belfort landed one of his own. After another punching exchange, the second round concluded.

Leg kicks from Marquardt started round three, as he was not very aggressive to start the final five minutes. Jabs and straights kept Belfort at bay, as well as leg kicks. Belfort momentarily established a clinch and landed punches. Past the halfway point, the fighters exchanged shots, then Belfort opened up with a combination.

A head kick landed for Belfort, and Marquardt answered to the body. Another combination and head kick landed for Belfort, who was opening up in the final minute. Marquardt attempted a flying knee and combination in the waning moments, but nothing came of it.

A suprisingly unanimous decision saw Belfort win two of three rounds, giving Vitor the first decision victory in his storied UFC career. That UFC career came to an end tonight, but Belfort’s fighting career has not seen its final chapter, revealed Vitor in his post-fight interview.