UFC 212 Results: Paulo Costa Scores TKO Over Oluwale Bamgbose

UFC 212 Paulo Costa
Credit: Joao Baptista/Sherdog.com

The punches kept flying in Rio, as UFC 212 continued with a second round TKO from the hyped prospect Paulo Costa.

Oluwale Bamgbose and Paulo Costa got into it at the weigh-ins yesterday, and settled the score in a back and forth fight on the UFC 212 main card. It had a weird start though, as Bamgbose was forced to clip his toenails before the contest.

Oluwale Bamgbose winged a right hand to kick things off, and Paulo Costa answered with a left. Bamgbose caught Costa with a haymaker, and the Brazilian beckoned him forward. Bamgbose shot for an unexpected takedown and got Costa to the canvas temporarily. Bamgbose followed Costa up, landed several hooks and then a double leg. Costa popped back up and was tripped up by a leg kick.

Costa began to open up with kicks of his own, digging into Bamgbose’s body. Bamgbose glanced at the clock as his hyperactive style caught up to him cardio-wise. Costa caught Bamgbose with a leg kick then a beautiful flurry that had Bamgbose on the ropes. Costa unloaded with hooks to the body and head. Bamgbose answered with combos of his own and then landed a takedown with 30 seconds left. It was a good opportunity for Bamgbose to catch his breath.

Bamgbose was energetic to start the second round. Landing kicks early on and pushing forward. Costa’s left hook was working well to counter the forward movement of Bamgbose. Bamgbose threw up a high kick and Costa landed a leg kick simultaneously, knocking Bamgbose to the canvas. Costa followed him to the ground and unloaded to his guarded opponent. Eventually, a right hand snuck through and Costa only needed a few more to cause Big John McCarthy to stop the contest.

Costa scored another huge KO in his second UFC appearance, this time on a pay-per-view main card. Costa called for a top-10 opponent in his next one, which might be a tall order in a loaded middleweight division.